The Euro Major: Requirements

The EURO major requires a total of eleven courses, distributed as follows.

Quantitative Analysis

Intermediate quantitative skills are required to study essential data about economic, social, and political developments in contemporary Europe. All EURO majors must therefore complete either EURO 460 (ECON 460): International Economics (Prerequisite: ECON 310 or 410) or EURO 442 (POLI 442): International Political Economy (Prerequisite: POLI 150 and ECON 101).

Language Requirement

EURO majors must complete at least six semesters of a single West European language, or sixth semester proficiency documented through university placement tests.

UNC currently offers French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish courses through the advanced level, and the Center for European Studies funds the teaching of Dutch and Modern Greek through the intermediate level. Other modern European languages may count toward the requirement, if approved by the EURO advisor.

One approved literature course taught in the language may also count toward the Theme III Core Requirements.

EURO majors are strongly encouraged to take Languages Across the Curriculum (LAC) courses and complete a Study Abroad Program in the target language.

Core Requirements

Two core courses are required:
EURO 239 (POLI 239): Introduction to European Government and
EURO 159 (HIST 159): Twentieth-Century Europe.

In addition, six approved courses on contemporary Europe must be chosen from the following Themes (the complete list can be downloaded from the courses page; additional courses may count if approved by the EURO advisor):

  1. Integration and Enlargement;
  2. Histories and Cultures;
  3. Images, Narratives, and Ideas.

At least one course must be completed from Theme I and at least one course from Theme II. The remaining four courses must be distributed over two themes.

At least four of the Theme courses must be at the 400-level or above.

A minimum of four of the six Theme courses must be taken within a single social science discipline (i.e. ECON, GEOG, HIST, POLI, or SOCI).

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