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December 12, 2007

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3. Call for Papers
4. Seminars and Workshops
5. K-12 Schools
6. EUSA Corner
7. Other International Studies News
8. CES Award Competition

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CES News

Happy Holidays from CES!

Wishing you all the best this holiday season.

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Grant Competition

Foreign Language and Area Studies, 2007-2008We are pleased to announce the annual call for applications for Foreign Language and Area Studies awards. FLAS grants are academic year and summer awards designed to assist graduate and professional students to study a West European language to proficiency. The awards include tuition and fees plus a stipend. More information on the FLAS competition and application forms can be found in the FLAS section of the UNC Area Studies Centers website and on the Center for European Studies site.

Deadline: January 31, 2008

CES Award Competition

The Center for European Studies and the European Union Center of Excellence are pleased to announce several competitions for funding for UNC-Chapel Hill faculty and graduate students.

The deadline for all proposals listed below is Thursday, January 31, 2008. Read on...

Call for Paper & Panel Proposals - Franco/Arabic Cultures Today: Developments, Dialogues, and Challenges

The goal of this conference is to initiate a dialogue between the fields of Francophone and Franco-Arabic Studies in Europe, in the former French colonies and mandates, and in the US. In what ways and to what extent have these disciplines come into contact with one another over the past three decades: literature, cinema, music, and visual arts? What intellectual, pedagogical, ideological and cultural frameworks have shaped comparative scholarly inquiries into these disciplines? Our objective is to better understand the current state of scholarship into Franco-Arabic cultures, and to bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines to reflect upon the intersections, challenges and future of Franco-Arabic and Francophone cultures.

Conference organized by Sahar Amer (Dept. of Asian Studies, UNC) and Martine Antle (Dept. of Romance Languages, UNC) in conjunction with the Center for European Studies.

Click here to read the call for papers. View the conference website here.

Deadline for individual paper proposals (400 words) as well as panel proposals:
December 15, 2007

Grants and Fellowships

Wolfsonian-Florida International University

Wolfsonian–Florida International UniversityThe Wolfsonian–Florida International University is a museum and research center that promotes the examination of modern visual and material culture. The focus of the Wolfsonian collection is on North American and European decorative arts, propaganda, architecture, and industrial and graphic design from the period 1885-1945. The Wolfsonian library has approximately 50,000 rare books, periodicals, and ephemeral items, as well as standard reference materials.

Fellowships are intended to support full-time research, generally for a period of three to five weeks. The program is open to holders of master’s or doctoral degrees, Ph.D. candidates, and to others who have a significant record of professional achievement in relevant fields.
Applicants are encouraged to discuss their project with the Fellowship Coordinator prior to submission to ensure the relevance of their proposals to the Wolfsonian’s collection. For more information about The Wolfsonian and its collection, visit the website, call 305-535-2613, or email to

Deadline: December 31, 2007

Berlin Scholarships of the Remembrance and Future Fund

BerlinThe Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” offers scholarships for the academic year 2008-2009 to Berlin's Humboldt University or one of the partner institutions.

Students of all fields of study may apply. We particularly encourage students from Central and Eastern Europe, the CIS-States, Israel and the USA to apply. The program is directed at students with a good proficiency in German and a special interest in the history of National Socialism. We especially encourage descendants of former forced laborers and other victims of the National Socialist regime to apply.

Please see the website for details.

Deadline: January 31, 2008

Global Borders: Fellowship at New Institute for Historical Studies at UT-Austin

The University of Texas at AustinThe Department of History at the University of Texas at Austin announces the establishment of a new Institute for Historical Studies at UT-Austin:

The first two year theme is "Global Borders," defined very broadly, conceptually as well as geographically. We are seeking four residential fellows for the 2008-09 year, and we also invite proposals for papers related to the theme to be given at Institute workshops.

Fellowship Deadline: February 15, 2008
Call for Papers Deadline: April 15, 2008

Call for Papers

SDAW/Foundation German-American Academic Relations

German FlagThe Stiftung Deutsch-Amerikanische Wissenschaftsbeziehungen (SDAW/Foundation German-American Academic Relations) is prepared to fund research groups composed of German and North American scholars, and, where appropriate, other European scholars as well, who propose to explore topics of particular interest for the transatlantic relationship, focusing on international or domestic and comparative issues and/or opening up new methodological approaches. The participation of younger scholars is particularly welcome. Results should be published (also electronically).

Study groups can be funded over a period of 1-2 years, but funding requests should not exceed 20,000 Euro (28,000 US Dollars). The funding by the Foundation may be renewed depending on the evaluation of the project report. Proposers are encouraged to seek additional funds or stipends from other sources. Support from other foundations or stipends should be specified in the proposal.

For further details, please open the call for proposals (PDF).

Deadline: March 31, 2008

Seminars and Workshops

The Future of Europe: Lobbying in Brussels

Prague, Czech RepublicMarch 29-April 5, 2008 | Prague, Czech Republic
Prague's Centre for Public Policy (Centrum pro verejnou politiku - CPVP) and INstrategy (Institute for European and National Strategies) have teamed up to organize the seventh European Spring Institute (ESI 2008) on the Future of Europe: Lobbying in Brussels.

The European Spring Institute 2008 is a seven-day academic program designed to bring together 30 undergraduate and graduate students of various nationalities and academic backgrounds to enjoy their spring holidays in the unique academic and cultural environment.

The program provides students with an exciting opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the current EU politics through exchange of ideas with academics, policy practitioners and fellow students from different cultural environments. The ESI2008 combines intensive academic courses with cultural, social and recreational opportunities.

Please visit our new website to discover all the details.

Early Bird Application Deadline: February 1, 2008
Final Deadline: February 15, 2008

K-12 Schools

Global Updates from World View

World View Test your global holiday IQ with this fun quiz about holidays and traditions around the world in this month's Global Update.

To see previous Global Updates from World View, please visit the archive.

EUSA Corner
Following are meetings and announcements from the European Union Studies Association, of which the UNC-CH Center for European Studies is a sustaining member.

Call for Papers - The Future of the EU: Addressing the Challenges of Governance, Globalization, and Multiculturalism

The Future of the EU: Addressing the Challenges of Governance, Globalization, and Multiculturalism
March 1, 2008 | University of Pittsburgh

The European Union is currently facing many challenges that affect its citizens, institutions and policy-making capability. This conference wishes to highlight graduate student research that addresses some of these broad challenges. The Organizing Committee of the 3rd Annual Graduate Student Conference on the European Union welcomes papers addressing the theme of the conference. We seek submissions from all disciplines on topics including, but not limited to, European Union politics, economics and institutions; and policies including enlargement, immigration, development, trade, transatlantic relations and foreign policy more generally.

For further details, please visit the conference website.

Deadline: January 16, 2008

European Integration Research: 5 Positions at ARENA

ARENA Centre for European Studies, University of OsloARENA Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo is offering five new positions from 2008 - 2012. Within the framework of a new grant from the Norwegian Research Council on the EU and European integration, ARENA aims to fill three Researcher positions, one Post doc or PhD fellowship and one PhD fellowship.

For full details, please visit

Deadline: January 21, 2008

London School of Economics & Political Science Hellenic Observatory/European Institute: 3 Fellowships on Greece

Greek FlagWe are seeking to make a number of fellowship appointments for 2008-09. For all posts you should have relevant academic and/or professional experience and a PhD. You need not currently hold an academic post, but should possess academic and/or professional qualifications relevant to the intended programme of research. These fellowships are not available to students currently registered for a PhD. Candidates are welcome to apply for more than one fellowship.

  • A.C. Laskaridis Postdoctoral Fellowship on Greece
  • National Bank of Greece: Senior Research Fellow/Research Fellow in Contemporary Greek Studies
  • Ministry of Economy & Finance, Greece: Senior Research Fellow/Research Fellow in Political Economy of Greece and South East Europe

For full details, please visit the Research Fellowships site. A full application pack for all posts can be obtained at If you cannot download the pack email or phone +44 (0)20 7955 6737. Please quote relevant reference number.

Deadline: February 15, 2008

Other International Studies News

Global Music Show - Keep on Moving: The Music of Migration

Friday, December 14, 2007 | 5-6pm | WXYC 89.3 FM 
WXYC's Neil Barnes will welcome Niklaus Steiner, Director of the Center for Global Initiatives, for the next Global Music show. Their show is entitled Keep on Moving: The Music of Migration.

Global Music

Title VIII Fellowships at the Kennan Institute: Central Eurasia

Kennan InstituteTitle VII Research Scholarship grants at the Kennan Institute in Washington, DC, presents a unique opportunity to recipients to concentrate on their writing and to take advantage of the research resources of Washington, D.C., including privileged access to the Library of Congress.

Title VIII Research Scholarships lasting three to nine months are available to academic participants in the early stages of their career (before tenure) or scholars whose careers have been interrupted or delayed. For non-academics, an equivalent degree of professional achievement is expected.

Research proposals examining the countries of Central Eurasia are eligible. Those proposals related to regional Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, Belarus, the Caucuses, and contemporary issues are particularly welcome. The Title VIII Research Scholar grant offers a stipend of $3,000 per month, research facilities, computer support, and some research assistance. Grant recipients are required to be in residence at the Institute in Washington, D.C. for the duration of their grant.

For further details, please visit the Kennan Institute website.

Deadline extension: December 18, 2007

After the Fall: Russia Post-Communism

January 26, 2008 | UNC-Chapel Hill Program in Humanities & Human Values
When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, in a seemingly ironic reversal of the domino theory, Communist states fell in quick succession, and Communism in Europe – as an alternative world view and system of rule – seemed to collapse as well, ending the Cold War and leading some commentators to wonder if history itself hadn't also come to an end.

Our seminar picks up after the supposed “end of history” and examines Russia after the fall from a number of disciplinary perspectives: anthropology, art history, history, and political science. We will trace the manner in which the U.S.S.R. collapsed and consider both the controversial presidency of Boris Yeltsin and the emergence of fifteen new states from the former Soviet empire. Our second speaker will consider whether the triumph of democracy has been good for women and women's health and examine what special challenges women face in the aftermath of socialism. Next, considering the art scene, we'll ask how the changing landscape of patronage has changed the production and consumption of painting and sculpture in contemporary Russia. Finally, we'll turn to contemporary politics, and focus on the figure of Vladimir Putin, in order to reflect upon the nature of democracy as it is practiced in Russia today.

With support from the UNC Center for Slavic, Eurasian and East European Studies and the US Department of Education Title VI Program.

For details and registration information, please visit the website of the Program in the Humanities and Human Values.

CES Award Competition

For all competitions below please send the required documents from a UNC email account to All CES grantees are asked to submit a brief (one page) report on the funded project at the end of the grant period. Proposals are evaluated by the Steering Committee of the Center in early March and decisions announced by mid-March.

Deadline for all awards listed below: January 31, 2008

Faculty Curriculum Development Awards

Courses developed under this program should be offered during the academic year following the summer of the award. After this first offering, the courses should be regularly scheduled in departmental course offerings. Students who will benefit particularly from the new courses are majors in the Center for European Studies' newly approved major in Contemporary European Studies. We are especially interested to develop European clusters of courses in accordance with the new undergraduate curriculum.

  • European Union Center of Excellence awards
    We will make two awards to UNC-CH faculty to develop new European Union courses or tracks in existing courses. The definition of EU tracks is broad; it may include special readings and research assignments integrated into the main class, or special sections of a class focused on the EU. Awards for full EU courses will be for $4500 and $2000 for EU tracks.
  • National Resource Center (Title VI) awards
    Two curriculum development awards will be made for courses relevant to the study of modern Western Europe. Courses in any discipline may be funded in this category. Awards will be $4500.
  • European Clusters
    Faculty wishing to develop clusters of European courses may apply to receive $1500 as the coordinating fellow, each additional faculty member joining the cluster may apply to receive $500 (up to a total of five additional faculty members). Guidelines for developing clusters may be found at All proposals must meet these criteria. The coordinating fellow will have responsibility for ensuring that all requirements as stated by the Office of Undergraduate Curricula are met. Proposals for clusters should be submitted under one name, that of the coordinating fellow. Funding is also available from the Office of Undergraduate Curricula for the development of clusters with a deadline of November 30.

To submit a curriculum development proposal please send:

  1. your curriculum vita,
  2. the proposed course syllabus, and a cover letter describing the course relevance to contemporary European Studies or European Union studies, and where the course will fit in your departmental offerings (include any pre-requisites) and in the new General Education undergraduate curriculum.
  3. A letter from your chair approving the project and agreeing to offer the course during the next academic year and on a continuing basis.

Faculty Research Travel Awards

We will make approximately six awards for faculty research travel in the US or Europe related to a project on contemporary European or EU Studies. Proposals will be evaluated by a CES committee. Please send a cover letter including a short (one page) summary of the paper/project, an estimated budget including other sources of funding, and a curriculum vita.

  • Grants for Research Travel in the US to present papers on contemporary Europe. Domestic travel grants are $500.
  • Grants for Travel to Europe related to research and publication on contemporary Europe. Summer research travel grants are for $2000.

Priority will be given to faculty applicants without endowed research accounts

Faculty and Graduate Student Joint Projects

The European Union Center of Excellence will make two awards of $2500 to support faculty/graduate student joint projects. These funds will be for use September 1, 2008 through August 31, 2009. $2000 is designated for graduate student support; $500 for the faculty. Please submit a cover letter consisting of a short summary of the paper/project, a time-line for publication of the project, and curriculum vitae.

Graduate Student Awards

CES has several sources of funding for graduate students in contemporary European Studies:

  • European Union Center of Excellence Summer Research Fellowships
    Two awards will be made to UNC-CH graduate students to conduct dissertation research on the EU in Europe during summer 2008. Awards will include a stipend of $4000. Proposals should include a 5-page (max) synopsis of the research project including a timetable and a budget, and should attach a letter of support from the dissertation advisor.
  • Graduate Student Research Travel
    Two awards will be made to present papers in the US or Europe on some aspect of the European Union. Awards for travel in the US are $600 and for travel to Europe $1500. Applicants should send a brief (one page) cover letter summarizing the project and other sources of funding, and should attach a letter of support from the dissertation advisor.
  • Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) grants
    Academic year and summer awards designed to assist graduate and professional students to study a West European language to proficiency. The awards include tuition and fees plus a stipend. More information on the FLAS competition and application forms can be found in the FLAS section of the UNC Area Studies Centers website and on the Center for European Studies site.



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