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November 22, 2011

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CES News

CES Fall Speakers Series
Kimberly Morgan

Friday, December 2, 2011
12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
FedEx Global Education Center: 4th Floor Seminar Room

Public lecture by Kimberly Morgan, Associate Professor of Political Science at the George Washington University. Professor Morgan's research concerns the politics of the welfare state in advanced industrialized countries.

Open to the public, light refreshments provided.

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Grants Information Session

FundingThursday, December 8, 2011 | 4:00 - 5:00pm | FedEx Global Education Center | Room 2008/2010
The application deadline for 2012-2013 is January 27, 2012, for both academic-year and summer awards.

Each year, the US Department of Education awards Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) funding to Area Studies Centers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. FLAS funds are awarded in a competitive process open to graduate and advanced undergraduate students to pursue foreign language and area studies for professional purposes. FLAS funds are intended to support high-level second language acquisition among US professionals. UNC Area Studies Centers offer over 30 academic year and more than 22 summer FLAS fellowships each year providing more than $1 million annually in graduate student support. For details, please visit the FLAS information webpage.

European Union/Transatlantic Relations PhD Database

Network of European Union Centers of ExcellenceThe Network of European Union Centers of Excellence in the United States ( would like to invite graduate students pursuing a doctoral degree in topics related to the European Union or Transatlantic relations to submit their names and dissertation information to a database of PhD dissertations. The goal of the database is to help doctoral students identify fellow candidates working in similar areas in the United States and anywhere else in the world. Please go to the EUCE Network website ( and download a short form which can be filled out and returned on-line. Thank you to everyone who has submitted so far! The Center for European Studies serves as the network coordinator for EU Centers of Excellence in the United States.

European News, Lectures and Events

Gender, War and Culture Series: Public Lecture and Graduate Workshop on Iraqi Women

Woman in IraqTuesday, November 29, 2011 | 5:00 - 7:00pm | UNC Institute for Arts and Humanities, Hyde Hall
NADJE AL-ALI (University of London, Professor of Gender Studies and Chair of the Centre for Gender Studies, at the School of Oriental and African Studies) presents a public lecture entitled Iraqi Women between Dictatorship, Sanctions, War and Occupation.

Based on in-depth interviews with Iraqi women in the diaspora (US, UK, Jordan) as well as women from inside Iraq, the talk will provide a historical context to the current situation of women under occupation and political transition. It will not only address women's deterioration of legal rights, the increase in gender-based violence, and the impact of Islamist militias and ideologies, but will also discuss women's political mobilization and resistance to both the occupation and increasing Islamist encroachment. Because it is impossible to understand the complexity of women and gender relations in the current post-invasion period without an understanding of the changing role of women and gender over the past decades, the talk will furthermore explore the historical development in the last decades as a backdrop against the current situation of occupation and resistance: the impact of the initially secular modernist state project of Saddam Hussein's regime, the militarization of society during the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88), the Gulf Crisis & Gulf War (1990-1991), and the subsequent economic sanctions regime (1990-2003).

NADJE AL-ALIWednesday, November 30, 2011 | 4:00 - 6:00pm | UNC Institute for Arts and Humanities, Hyde Hall

Graduate Workshop: Gender, War and Nation in the Middle East with NADJE AL-ALI (University of London)

The Reading Seminar is open for graduate students and advanced undergraduate students. A registration is required.

Please register until November 25, 2011. The number of participants is limited. First come first served. Send an email to: After the confirmation participants will get the reading that will be discussed.

For more information see:

Conveners: UNC Series on "Gender, Politics and Culture in Europe and Beyond" and "Research Triangle Series on the History of Military, War and Society"

Co-sponsors: Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations, DUKE-UNC Consortium for Middle-East Studies, UNC Center for European Studies, UNC Curriculum of Peace, War and Defense, UNC Department of Women's Studies, UNC Institute for Arts and Humanities and Triangle Institute for Security Studies

German Film Series: Bungalow

BungalowTuesday, November 29, 2011 | 7:30pm | 404 Dey Hall, UNC-Chapel Hill
Please join us for the screening of Bungalow (dir. Ulrich Köhler, 2002; 81 min.), part of the German Film Series organized by Inga Pollman and Priscilla Layne (Assistant Professors of German, UNC-CH).

Paul is a German soldier who goes AWOL when the truck he is riding in stops at a fast food restaurant. When he hides in his parents’ weekend bungalow, he finds more problems than when he left. Paul is immediately attracted to Lene, the girlfriend of his older brother Max. Paul tries to entice her into a sexual relationship, but she refuses. During the course of the film, an angry Paul increasingly loses his temper, alienating those around him, including his brother, his old friend, and his ex-girlfriend.

This film is a part of the series “Rebellische Jugend und sozialer Wandel” (Rebellious Youth and Social Change). All films are in German with English subtitles and open to all.

Film Screenings: Part of the "Documentary, Adjective" Series

Documentary, AdjectiveThursday, December 1, 2011 | 6:30pm - 8:15pm | Varsity Theater | 123 E. Franklin St, Chapel Hill
MARIJA'S OWN (Croatia, Czech Republic)

In Such a Beautiful Boy I Gave Birth To, the camera documents and frequently provokes conflicts that arise between the filmmaker and his parents, particularly his mother. The parents disapprove of their son’s choice to study filmmaking and don’t acknowledge his need for independence. This is the cause of unending quarrels that add to constant atmosphere of tension and dissatisfaction among the family members who share a tiny Krakow apartment. Described by critics as "a family psychodrama with intense psychological and social veracity."

Marija’s Own
depicts a long overdue tribute to the deceased Marija, in which three granddaughters host an unconventional and surreal memorial for their beloved grandmother. Setting the scene in Marija’s small apartment in Croatia, the sisters don elaborate party dresses and welcome family, friends and fellow tenants of the apartment building to an interactive funeral like no other. Both film and ceremony are an experimental performance piece, playing with the notions of ritual and the beautiful absurdity of life and death. (Lynne Crocker, Hot Docs)

Admission is free with a University ID and $4 for all others. Tickets are available at the Varsity Theater Box Office (123 E. Franklin Street).

DOCUMENTARY, ADJECTIVE retrospective will feature documentary films from Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania and Croatia.

Triangle Global British History Seminar

Friday, December 2, 2011 | 4:00pm | National Humanities Center, Research Triangle Park
Rob Penner (Duke University) will present An Isthmus Between Heaven and Hell: Evangelical Christianity and the Colonial State in Nineteenth-Century Van Diemen’s Land.

German Theatrical Performance

The VisitFriday-Saturday, December 2-3, 2011 | 6:00pm | Toy Lounge, 4th floor, Dey Hall | UNC-Chapel Hill
You are cordially invited to a performance of Friedrich Dürrenmatt's famous play Der Besuch der alten Dame. A play about greed, guilt, justice, punishment, and the value of a life plays out in this timeless piece of art by one of Switzerland's foremost playwrights. First performed in 1956 in Zürich, the play continues to move audiences both for its comic elements and its tragic twist and turns.

There will be two performances, the first one on Friday, December 2, and the second one on Saturday, December 3. Admission is free. The performance is in German by students in the German Department.

For further questions please contact the director, Tin Wegel, at

Languages Through Lenses @ PRIX EUROPA 2011

PRIX EUROPA 2012Fifteen projects were nominated for the 2011 competition of art school students. Their task was to make 90-second short films to show the many facets of multilingualism in Europe.

Among the three finalists previously announced, the winner was finally revealed at the award ceremony in Berlin on October 29: The importance of speaking two languages - Italy.

About the winning video the jury said: …Multilingualism turns out to be a hopefully long lasting peace keeping force in this amusing and witty animation. It shows the eternal interracial war and chase and a really surprising love as a sort of happy ending…

The aim of the competition "Languages through Lenses" is to draw attention to Europe's linguistic and cultural values. The competition is organised by ELIA, in close cooperation with CILECT, the association of the world's major film and television schools.

PRIX EUROPA is Europe's largest and most renowned competition festival for television, radio and the emerging media.

For more information, visit, where you can view all the nominees' videos. View the winning video here.

North Carolina German Studies Seminar

Georg MeinSunday, December 11, 2011 | 5:00 - 7:00pm | Hyde Hall | Institute for the Arts and Humanities | UNC-Chapel Hill
As part of the North Carolina German Studies Seminar & Workshop Series, Georg Mein (Université du Luxembourg) will present a seminar entitled Die Poetik der Polis: Anmerkungen zur Latenz des Literarischen in Hannah Arendts Konzept des öffentlichen Raumes.

Refreshments and drinks will be served after the seminar. Please register with Stephen Milder in a timely fashion.

For more information, please visit

In conjunction with the Department of Germanic Languages and Literature at Duke University. Sponsored by Carolina Seminars, the UNC-Chapel Hill Institute for the Arts and Humanities, UNC-Chapel Hill Program in the Humanities and Human Values, and the Departments of Germanic Languages and Literatures and History at Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill.

Language Groups at UNC-CH

  • Speech and Thought BubblesPolish Club Conversation Hour
    • Thursdays | 6:00 pm | 407 Dey Hall
    • Join members of UNC’s Polish club, as well as other student, faculty and the public interested in Polish language and culture, for their weekly conversation hour.
    • For more information on UNC Polish Club, visit
  • Czech Conversation Hour
    • Most Tuesdays | 6:00pm | Locations vary
    • Please contact Elena Clark to confirm each meeting, and to learn about locations.

Grants, Fellowships and Awards

Berlin Program Fellowship Competition

Berlin Program for Advanced German and European StudiesThe Berlin Program for Advanced German and European Studies is pleased to solicit applications for its next fellowship competition. The program offers fellowships to scholars in all social science and humanities disciplines, including historians working on modern and contemporary German and European history for a research period in Berlin between 10-12 months.

The Berlin Program Fellowships are awarded for doctoral dissertation research as well as postdoctoral research. Fellowship stipends are EUR 1100 per month for fellows working on a dissertation project and EUR 1400 per month for recent Ph.D.’s.

The program accepts applications from U.S. and Canadian nationals or permanent residents. Applicants for a dissertation fellowship must be full-time graduate students at a North American university who have completed all coursework required for the Ph.D. and must have achieved ABD (all but dissertation) status by the time the proposed research stay in Berlin begins. Also eligible are U.S. and Canadian Ph.D.s who have received their doctorates within the past two calendar years.

For details, please visit

Deadline: December 1, 2011

DAAD University Summer Course Grants

DAADThe German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has significantly increased the number of University Summer Course Grants available to US and Canadian students for the summer of 2012. This program provides scholarships to attend a broad range of three- to four-week summer courses at German universities which focus mainly on literary, cultural, political and economic aspects of modern and contemporary Germany. Extensive extracurricular programs complement and reinforce the core material.

A number of the University Summer Course Grants are made possible by the DAAD Alumni Association of the US, including one that is specially earmarked for an applicant in the fine arts.

For a full list of courses please visit our university summer course search engine at:

For eligibility requirements, terms of awards and application guidelines please visit our website at:

Deadline: December 15, 2011

Duke-UNC Faculty Small Grants Program (Middle East)

Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East StudiesWith support from the Title VI program of the U.S. Department of Education, the Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies is pleased to offer three small-grant programs for faculty at Duke and UNC:

Course Development Grants:

Two grants of $3,000 each are available for faculty at Duke and UNC to add Middle East content to an existing course or develop a new Middle East-related course. These grants are available only for 2011-2012. Recipients of these grants pledge to teach the course at least twice by the end of the 2014-2015 academic year.

The deadline for interested faculty is December 9, 2011. Please submit your 1-page proposal and CV to Shai Tamari at (UNC) or Kelly Jarrett at (Duke).

Faculty Research Travel Grants:

A small pool of $5,000 per year ($2,500 each for Duke and UNC) is available to subsidize faculty research travel, with a preference for pilot projects leading to external grant applications.

The deadline for interested faculty is December 9, 2011. Please submit your 1-page proposal and CV to Shai Tamari at (UNC) or Kelly Jarrett at (Duke).

Language Instruction Training Grants:

A small pool of $2,000 (up to $500 each) is available to support Duke and UNC language instructors’ participation in pedagogical training programs with the National Middle East Language Resource Center (NMELRC) and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), in order to increase language teaching proficiency on our campuses. The grant will cover travel and accommodation expenses. For more information on the workshops, including dates and location, please visit the NMELRC page and the ACTFL page. For interested faculty members, please email Shai Tamari at (UNC) or Kelly Jarrett at (Duke), expressing interest in the grant, the reason you would like to participate in the workshop, and the amount you are requesting (for both travel and accommodation). A proposal and CV is not necessary. There is no deadline for this grant application.

Explorations in Global Health Grants

Global HealthThe world’s toughest health problems are more than biology. They are inextricably linked with culture, economics, language, physical geography, natural resources, and more. The UNC Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases (IGHID) is pleased to announce a new funding opportunity for faculty research in global health.

Designed to foster the development of research projects and partnerships in global health, grants will be made to UNC faculty for international travel or to bring international colleagues to campus to establish or maintain research relationships (e.g. clarify joint research interests, plan and organize institutional linkages, jointly develop or write research proposals, etc.) or to undertake small research projects with international collaborators.

Faculty may apply individually, together with a student, or with another faculty member from a different discipline. Approximately 4-5 grants will be made this year in amounts up to $5,000 (for an individual application) or $8,000 (for a joint application).

For details, please visit

Deadline: December 14, 2011

Faculty Exchange: University of Bologna

University of BolognaThe Bologna Consortial Studies Program (BCSP) includes a faculty exchange component that allows the consortium to send two faculty members from one of our 15 institutions (including UNC-Chapel Hill; see full list of institutions at to the University of Bologna each calendar year.  There continues to be a lot of interest from Bologna faculty to come to our institutions. BCSP can send out two faculty members during calendar year 2012.

The University of Bologna has made the exchange criteria more rigorous than before and the selection of the individual takes place by a committee that will evaluate the project the exchange applicant proposes.  There is no restriction in terms of discipline or language proficiency.  Past participants have been from departments as varied as philosophy of science, sociology, kinesiology, geography and history, to name a few.

A detailed overview and guidelines for the exchange process are available at:

We would encourage individuals to consider this experience for 2012 since the exchange year runs from January through December.

Deadline for consideration: January 5, 2012


Call for Proposals

7th Annual Graduate Student Conference on the European Union: Crisis, Cooperation, and Change in the EU

European Union Center of Excellence at the University of PittsburghMarch 30-31, 2012 | University of Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA
The European Union Center of Excellence/European Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh, in conjunction with the European Union Studies Association (EUSA), is proud to announce a call for papers for the 7th Annual Graduate Student Conference on the European Union at the University of Pittsburgh.

The global financial crisis is one of many challenges that the European Union has faced.  These challenges have affected its citizens, institutions, and policy-making capabilities.  The Organizing Committee of the Seventh Annual Graduate Student Conference on the European Union welcomes papers addressing the theme, "Crisis, Cooperation, and Change in the European Union."  Submissions are welcome from all disciplines on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, EU politics, governance, economics, history, security studies and institutions, as well as policies covering enlargement, immigration, development, trade, transatlantic relations, and foreign policy. 

For more information, please visit the Graduate Student Conference webpage.

Abstract Submission Deadline: December 16, 2011

Seminars and Programs

New UNC Study Abroad Program: History and Culture Summer in Istanbul, Turkey

TurkeyMay 18 - June 29, 2012
The Study Abroad Office, the Department of Asian Studies and the Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations are glad to offer you a summer study abroad program in Istanbul, Turkey.

The program will be hosted by the Middle East Studies Institute of Marmara University, which is located in the district of Sultanahmet.

Turkey, geographically situated at the meeting point of Asia and Europe, has a rich multiethnic culture. The city of Istanbul is one of the magnificent historic cities of the world, having been continuously populated for about 3000 years. For many centuries, Istanbul has been a capital city for different imperial powers such as the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, and it retains multiple traces of those past civilizations.

In this six-week program, students will receive UNC-Chapel Hill graded credit for two 3-credit courses: ASIA 243: Turkish Culture and History and ASIA 244: History of Istanbul.

All courses are taught in English. There is no option to take a language course.

These courses will fulfill both General Education and Elective course requirements. For more information, please visit and view the program flyer (PDF).

K-12 Schools & Community Colleges

Teacher Training: The Future of Europe - A Couple of Spots Left!

Hands holding globe with EU flagDecember 2-3, 2011 | UNC-Chapel Hill
The North Carolina Civic Education Consortium, the Program in the Humanities and Human Values, and the UNC Center for European Studies and the European Union Center of Excellence are pleased to announce a timely and engaging professional development opportunity for North Carolina’s middle and high school educators.

Europe has long been the other part of a monolithic geopolitical notion many call “The West.” Its market economies, cultural legacies, commitment to democracy, and shared sense of international responsibility have made Europe a strong partner of the United States since 1945. Recent developments, however, have fundamentally challenged what had once seemed a predetermined course of ever increasing economic and political interdependence. The future of Europe, once seemingly so secure, seems entirely unsure.  Teachers will enjoy two days of scholarly lectures and two days of curriculum training. If you wish to learn more about the European history and the future of Europe, then this opportunity is for you!  

For more information about this training, visit Registration form (PDF):

Extended Registration Deadline: November 22, 2011

NC Council for the Social Studies Grants

NC Council for the Social StudiesClassroom teachers are essential to the presentation of social studies content and skills to our state’s students. The North Carolina Council for the Social Studies (NCCSS) provides grants of up to $1,000 to help teachers make an even greater impact in their classroom, school district, and community through innovative social studies programs.

The NCCSS is particularly interested in supporting social studies education efforts in the following areas:

  • Classroom programs that are usually not funded by regular funding sources
  • Innovative experiences related to social studies directly involving students and teachers
  • Projects in social studies encouraging community awareness and participation

For more information, please visit and view the following PDF:

Application Deadline: December 31, 2011

Travel and Learn with World View

Costa Rica 2012Each summer World View takes educators outside of the United States to explore new countries and cultures. This summer we will take you to Costa Rica or Senegal! Travel with World View to gain confidence to add global content to your teaching, make lasting connections, and create a global learning environment at your school or college.

  • Costa Rica | Two tours: July 10-19 or July 20-29
    Participants on either one of the study visits to Costa Rica will learn first-hand about the culture and education of Costa Rica through the organization Spanish Immersion Costa Rica. Highlights of the itinerary include: rural school visits, community service projects, museum and market visits in capital city San José, regular "Spanish for Educators" language classes, ecological expeditions to a volcano, the rainforest, coastal attractions, and much more. Participants will also enjoy grassroots cultural activities in Costa Rican cooking and Latin dance instruction. All participants will stay with host families in the coffee growing community of Atenas, Costa Rica.
  • Senegal | June 18 - July 1 (tentative dates)
    Participants on the Senegal study visit will interact with people of different backgrounds, learning different facets of Senegalese culture. Highlights of the visit include spending time exploring Dakar, the capital city, including Independence Square, the Presidential Palace, the Grand Mosque, Cathedral, and Gate of New Millennium. Participants will travel to Gorée Island, a small island with great historical significance and to the fishing village of Toubacouta near Senegal's north western border with Gambia. Known for its Senegalese wrestling competitions and the talent of its artisans, the village is also a crossroads for two ethnic groups: the fishermen Serer and the farming Mandinka. We will visit schools and organizations to learn about the educational opportunities and challenges for youth and explore arts, religions, and the environment, immersing ourselves in the rich culture of the country. 

To learn more about World View's Summer 2012 Study Visits please go to:  Watch a short video about the study visit destinations and download the application for each trip.

Application Deadline: December 1, 2011

Global Updates from World View: A World of 7 Billion

World ViewThe November issue of Global Updates discusses a world of 7 billion. How can educators help students understand their role or place in a world of 7 billion people? Where do we fit in? Students can start by understanding their role in their family, their classroom, their school, and their community.  Then students can see themselves as a North Carolinian, a citizen of the United States and of the world.  A world of 7 billion global citizens starts at home.   

Read the latest issue of Global Updates at

To see previous Global Updates from World View, please visit the archive at

EUSA Corner
Following are meetings and announcements from the European Union Studies Association, of which the UNC-CH Center for European Studies is a sustaining member.

Call for Proposals - Europe in an Age of Austerity: Integration, Disintegration, or Stagnation?

European Communities Studies Association – Canada (ECSA-C)April 27-28, 2012 | Ottawa, Canada
The ramifications of the global financial crisis for the European Union (EU) are likely to prove long-lasting. The most prominent challenge continues to be the sovereign debt crisis. These economic constraints come at a time when the EU is facing political instability in its neighbourhood to the south, the rapidly increasing economic and political clout of Asia (especially China and India), and security concerns related to terrorism, immigration, and climate change.

The 9th Biennial Conference of European Communities Studies Association – Canada (ECSA-C) will explore how the EU and its member states will deal with these challenges at a time when financial resources are scarce. Will Europe choose to pursue more integration to deal with the problems it faces? Or will the current period of austerity trigger a process of disintegration, in which member states increasingly abandon Europe as a means to deal with internal and external challenges, citizens become more Eurosceptic, and conflicts between winners and losers of transnational capitalism become ever more intense? In between these extremes, there is also the possibility of stagnation, involving a largely unchanged political and societal status quo, which would overshadow the modest momentum symbolized by the Lisbon Treaty. The conference will debate in which of these directions Europe is moving, and what this means for the EU’s role domestically, in the world, and in its immediate neighbourhood. It will also discuss policy solutions to better deal with the above-mentioned challenges.

For more information, please visit

Deadline: December 1, 2011

Call for Papers: Conference on the Governance of Asylum and Migration in the European Union

University of SalforJanuary 26-27, 2012 | University of Salford (Greater Manchester) | United Kingdom
We invite abstracts from both advanced research postgraduate students and established researchers for our multidisciplinary conference on 'The Governance of Asylum and Migration in the European Union'. The conference aims to assess the evolution of asylum and migration policies in the European Union in a multilevel governance perspective. It considers both the EU and the national levels and the interactions between these levels in a multidisciplinary perspective and with the input of practitioners. The conference is generously funded by a grant of the European Commission Jean Monnet Programme/Lifelong Learning Programme for the EUSIM project (2009-2012).

We welcome contributions from all disciplinary perspectives. We aim to contribute to the travel costs of presenters, depending on the number of participants and availability of funds. If you are interested in presenting a paper, please send the following information to the organizers Dr Christian Kaunert and Dr Sarah Leonard: Abstract up to 250 words, brief bio, and contact details including name, institution, postal and email address.

Deadline: December 5, 2011

Lady Monica Cockfield Memorial Trust Scholarship for PhD in European Studies

Every year the University of Salford offers a number of Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs) for suitably qualified candidates wishing to study for a PhD. We are very happy to announce that we are in a position to also advertise for an extra Lady Monica Cockfield Memorial Trust PhD scholarship in European studies (after we appointed our first two Cockfield PhD students in Autumn 2009) with the aim of providing a student from a low-income background the chance of studying for a PhD on the European Union.

Applications are now invited for PhD on the European Union. The PhD scholarship is worth £8,000 per annum over three years.

Please apply for the Lady Monica Cockfield Memorial Trust PhD scholarship in European studies using the normal application material. In addition, please also provide a letter to indicate to what extent your application fulfils the aims of the scholarship listed above. Please send your applications to Dr Christian Kaunert:

Application Deadline: December 12, 2011

Position Announcement: Slavic and East European Studies Librarian and Head of Collection Exchange Program, UC Berkeley

Global LibraryThe University of California, Berkeley seeks a collaborative, service-oriented librarian to lead the Library's research and teaching initiatives supporting Slavic and East European Studies, and to manage the Library's collection exchange program.

The Slavic and East European Studies Librarian has primary responsibility for enhancing the collections and user-centered services in support of research, teaching, and scholarship related to countries of the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Cultivating and sustaining strong connections with faculty and students associated with key academic departments and centers - mainly the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures and the Institute for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies - is critical to understanding and meeting the research and curricular needs for these scholars. The librarian provides research consultations for faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students in the required languages and subject areas; develops guides and web pages to facilitate user access to resources; offers orientations and instructional seminars; and contributes to reference services for the humanities and social sciences in the Doe/Moffitt Libraries.

For more information, please visit

Application Deadline: December 16, 2011


Other International Studies News

UNC Global Events

Visit UNC Global's events calendar to find out about international events on campus:

Global Music Show: Popular Music in Kazan

Global Music Show

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 | 9:00 - 10:00pm | 89.3 FM | Listen online at

This show explores pop music in Kazan. WXYC DJ Joseph Palis will welcome guest Chulpan Khismatova.

The Global Music Show is a monthly radio program in collaboration with WXYC and UNC's Area Studies Centers that intersperses world regional music with dialogue shared by relevant expert guest-scholars from UNC-Chapel Hill. This month's episode is hosted by the Center for Slavic, Eurasian & East European Studies.

Listen to past broadcasts of the Global Music Show at

Two Lectures by Rosamund Bartlett: Russian Opera and Politics

  • The Golden Age of the Russian Opera: The Mariinsky Theatre 1890-1917
    Tuesday, November 29 | 6:00pm | Toy Lounge, Dey Hall, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Tolstoy and Russian Politics
    Wednesday, November 30 | 5:00pm | Dey Hall, Room 305 | UNC-Chapel Hill

Russian OperaRosamund Bartlett is Visiting Research Fellow in the Music Department at King’s College, London; soon to be Fernand Braudel Senior Fellow in the History Department at European University Institute in Fiesole in 2012; and awarded Chekhov 150th Anniversary Medal by the Russian government in 2010.

Sponsored by: UNC Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, and UNC Center for Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies.

International Coffee Hour

International Coffee HourThursday, December 8, 2011 | 5:00 - 6:00pm | Global Cup Café, FedEx Global Education Center, UNC-Chapel Hill
Join us for a monthly social hour for international and American students, scholars, faculty, staff and families. Chat about resources, opportunities and challenges on campus. Each month is hosted by a different office with excellent resources to offer. This month's coffee hour is hosted by The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.


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