November 28, 2012

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CES-Sponsored Lecture Series and Workshops
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CES-Sponsored Lecture Series and Workshops

2012 CES Fall Speaker Series
Beyond the Euro Crisis

peter a. hallLecture: "Implications of the Euro Crisis"

Friday, November 30, 2012 | 12 - 1:30 pm | FedEx Global Education Center, Rm 2008-10
*Note room change*

Prof. Peter A. Hall (Harvard University) has written extensively about political economy, varieties of capitalism, and French politics. He has also produced more than sixty articles on politics and policymaking in Europe. His current research focuses on the distributive impact of efforts by European firms and governments to cope with international integration in the decades since World War II. He is also looking into the relationship between social relations and population health across nations.

North Carolina German Studies Seminar & Workshop Series
"Christian Democracy, Social Democracy, and the Foundations of the West German State"

CDU and SPD campaign postersPhoto Credit: Larisa Epatko

Sunday, December 2, 2012 | 5 - 7 pm | National Humanities Center, 7 Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park

When asked for historical examples of success in Western-sponsored nation-building projects, advocates invariably cite the occupation and supervision of post-Nazi Germany. They point to the removal of its non-democratic political elements, the stabilization of its currency, the integration of its big business into an international free-trade system, and the incorporation of its armed forces into military alliance under Western leadership. However, such an emphasis on police power and economic development has obscured a vital component of how nation-building actually worked in Germany during its transition to stable democracy over the long mid-century. This paper and presentation will point to the creation of consensus among social groups in a long-divided population, focusing particularly on the ideological reconciliation of Christian democrats and social democrats in response to their common persecution after 1933.

Noah Strote is Assistant Professor of History at North Carolina State University. He is currently working on his book, tentatively entitled Late Nation-Building: Persecution and the Origins of Consensus in Germany, 1933-1968.

This time a pre-circulated paper will be discussed. Please contact for the paper Sandra S. Payne, Refreshments and drinks will be served after the seminar. For more information on the NCGS Series see: Download event flyer here.

Sponsored by Carolina Seminars, the Carolina-Duke Ph.D. Program in German Studies, the UNC-Chapel Hill Institute for the Arts and Humanities, the UNC Center for European Studies, the UNC Department of History, the UNC Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, the Duke Center for European Studies, the Duke Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, the Duke Department of History.

“The U.S. in World Affairs: The Cold War & Beyond” Lecture Series
"U.S. Nationalisms and the World: Thinking about a Country in Disarray"

michael h. huntTuesday, December 4, 2012 | 4 - 5:30 pm | UNC-Chapel Hill, Hamilton Hall 569

Prof. Michael Hunt (UNC-Chapel Hill) is a free-lance historian whose main interests lie in US foreign relations and contemporary global history. For several years, he has been offering online commentary on US foreign relations on the UNC Press Blog site, in a series titled "Home and Abroad." His lecture will explore "U.S. Nationalisms and the World: Thinking about a Country in Disarray."

“The U.S. in World Affairs: The Cold War and Beyond” lecture series is organized by the Department of History, in co-operation with the Center for European Studies and the Center for Slavic, Eurasian & Eastern European Studies at UNC.

CES Funding Opportunities

FLAS Award and Information Session

Orientation: Thursday, December 6, 2012 | 10:30 - 11:30 am | FedEx Global Education Center | Room 2008/2010

Each year, the US Department of Education awards Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) funding to Area Studies Centers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. FLAS funds are awarded in a competitive process open to graduate and advanced undergraduate students to pursue foreign language and area studies for professional purposes. FLAS funds are intended to support high-level second language acquisition among US professionals. UNC Area Studies Centers offer over 30 academic year and more than 22 summer FLAS fellowships each year providing more than $1 million annually in graduate student support. For details, please visit the FLAS website

Application Deadline: January 31, 2013, for both academic-year and summer awards.

CES Research Awards Competition

National Library, ParisBibliothèque nationale de France – Site Richelieu

For all competitions please send the required documents from a UNC email account to All CES grantees are asked to submit a brief (one page) report on the funded project at the end of the grant period. Proposals are evaluated by the Steering Committee of the Center in early March and decisions announced by mid-March.

Faculty Funding Opportunities
Unless otherwise indicated, the deadline for all faculty awards listed herein is April 1, 2013. For details, visit

  • Faculty Curriculum Development Awards
    Faculty awards are available to develop new undergraduate or graduate European courses or to substantially revise existing courses to include significant European content.
  • Faculty Travel Awards
    The Center for European Studies offers a limited number of travel awards to UNC-Chapel Hill faculty to present research on contemporary Europe or EU studies at domestic and international conferences.
  • Faculty and Graduate Student Joint Projects
    One to two awards will be made to teams of graduate students and faculty working on joint projects on European topics leading to publication.

Graduate Student Funding Opportunities
Unless otherwise indicated, the deadline for all grad student awards listed herein is January 31, 2013. For details, visit

  • European Union Center of Excellence Summer Research Fellowships
    CES will offer two awards to UNC-CH graduate students to conduct pre-dissertation research on the EU or on a comparative European topic (i.e. involving more than one European country) in Europe during summer 2012.
  • Graduate Student Research Travel
    CES offers a limited number of travel awards to UNC-CH graduate students to present research on the EU or on a comparative European topic (i.e. involving more than one European country) at domestic and international conferences.
  • Faculty and Graduate Student Joint Projects
    One to two awards will be made to teams of graduate students and faculty working on joint projects on European topics leading to publication.

Undergraduate Student Funding Opportunities
For details, visit

  • Undergraduate Student Research Travel
    CES will offer two travel awards to UNC-CH undergraduate students to present research on the EU or on a comparative European topic (i.e. involving more than one European country) at domestic conferences. The deadline is on-going throughout the academic year while funds are available.
  • European Union Center of Excellence Competition for Undergraduate Travel
    Two awards will be made to UNC undergraduate students for participation in a summer program organized by the European Commission. Students from EU Centers of Excellence across the US will join a four day study tour of EU institutions in Brussels.

Apply to the TransAtlantic Masters Program (TAM)

The TransAtlantic Masters Program (TAM) has trained graduate students interested in contemporary Europe and the transatlantic relationship since 1998. Offered by way of partnerships between world-renowned universities in the United States and Europe, TAM is a unique and intensive MA-degree program based at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Our nine European partner institutions are located in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and the UK. TAM applicants have usually majored in a relevant subject area such as Political Science, History, International Relations, European Studies, or Economics. Successful applicants have often studied abroad and/or interned or worked in an international setting.

TAM students benefit from small classes taught by world-renown experts. Courses begin each August on the UNC campus, focusing on comparative politics of industrial societies, comparative social policy, democratization, the European Union, and multilevel governance. TAM graduates pursue international careers in administration, diplomacy, business, policy-making, consulting, teaching, and research.

For more information, please see TAM’s partner universities: Sciences Po, Paris; University of Bath, UK; Charles University, Prague; Humboldt and Free Universities, Berlin; University of Siena, Italy; VU University, Amsterdam; University of Bremen, Germany; Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.

Application Deadline: January 8, 2013

Conferences and Calls for Papers

University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh Graduate Student Conference - Call for Papers
"A Nobel Prize? The Consequences of the European Union in Europe and the World"

March 1 - 2, 2013 | University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The European Union faces challenges that affect its citizens, institutions, policy-making capabilities, and place in the world. The Organizing Committee of the Eighth Annual Graduate Student Conference on the European Union welcomes papers addressing the theme of the conference. We seek submissions from all disciplines and topics including, but not limited to, EU politics, governance, economics, history, security studies, institutions and behavior studies, as well as policy, enlargement, immigration, development, trade, and foreign policy.

Abstracts should be 250-300 words in length. Preference will be given to abstracts that clearly specify the research design of the paper, including its theoretical approach and methods. Abstracts must be submitted on-line. Please also upload a current CV with your submission. Participation is limited to authors enrolled in degree-granting graduate or professional programs at the time of the conference. Housing is provided for conference participants.

Submissions will be accepted on-line between November 1 and December 1, 2012 at or Please flyer for more information.

Deadline for Abstracts: Friday, November 30, 2012

PhD/Postdoctoral Workshop, University of Amsterdam
"European and Transnational Rulemaking"

This workshop will bring together PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers, and senior scholars, from the fields of political science, law, sociology, and international relations to discuss key analytical issues and empirical research in progress on European and transnational rulemaking. For the purposes of this workshop, ‘rulemaking’ is defined broadly to encompass governance processes leading to the adoption of norms, rules, or standards intended to guide the conduct and behaviour of others, both formal and informal, organized through private or multi-stakeholder as well as public bodies.

The workshop will be organized in two main parts over five days. Each morning, a senior scholar will give a keynote presentation addressing a major issue in the study of European and transnational governance, to be followed by a general discussion. The afternoons will be devoted to presentations of work in progress by PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers, with discussion led by senior scholars.

Proposals are invited from PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers interested in participating in this workshop.  The workshop is open to junior scholars within and beyond the EU.  The organizers will provide accommodation and cover up to €300 of travel costs for accepted participants from outside Amsterdam.  Applicants should send a current CV and a 1-2 page project or paper description to the organizers (; by January 15, 2013. Please see flyer for more information.

Application Deadline: January 15, 2013

Fellowships and Internships

Internships at the F.A.Z. - Institut in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Bilingual Services Department

Located in one of the most important financial centers of the world, the F.A.Z.-Institut is a key information and service partner for businesses and organizations. Their services include magazines and newsletters, corporate publishing, journalistic translations and events in German andEnglish. The F.A.Z.-Institut is looking for UNC students graduating from the German department with excellent German and English skills and a strong interest in business, economics and finance.

Interns will work for 12 months in the English business communication department, editing and proofing articles and translations, contributing to various publications, and completing their own journalistic translations. The salary is EUR 1,200 and housing is provided.

For further information and applications, please contact Prof. Jonathan M. Hess and see flyer.

Studienstiftung des Abgeordnetenhauses von Berlin Scholarships

The Studienstiftung des Abgeordnetenhauses von Berlin (Study Foundation of the Berlin House of Representatives) sponsors a scholarship program that aims at supporting young scholars of all fields. The program is directed to applicants from the United States of America, Great Britain, France and the countries succeeding from the former Soviet Union. The applicants should be working on projects concerned with Berlin, Germany or German-international questions or should want to use research facilities in Berlin in all other fields. The scholarship should be used to advance academic education at a Berlin institution of higher education.

At present the Study Foundation awards about 15 twelve-month grants per year. The grant amounts to 770 EUR for graduate and doctoral students and 1,300 EUR for post-doctoral scholars per month. In addition, the Foundation assumes travel costs as well as rental costs at the International Study Centre Berlin. During their twelve month stay in Berlin grant winners will not only be offered the opportunity to experience their research areas from an international perspective, but they will also be encouraged to learn more about the political and cultural life in Berlin.

To learn more, please visit  (►Quicklink: Studienstiftung)

Application Deadline: Saturday, December 5, 2012

2013 EUSA Haas Fund Fellowship Competition

The 2011-2013 EUSA Executive Committee is pleased to announce the 2013 EUSA Haas Fund Fellowship Competition, an annual fellowship for graduate student EU-related dissertation research. The Committee will offer at least one unrestricted fellowship of $1,500 to support the dissertation research of any graduate student pursuing an EU-related dissertation topic in the academic year 2012-2013.
Please note the following stipulations for applicants, who must: 1) be pursuing the doctoral degree (PhD) at an accredited institution in any country; 2) be writing a dissertation in English; 3) have an EU-related, doctoral dissertation topic approved by the professor who will supervise it; and, 4) be able to demonstrate clearly the relevance to EU studies of the dissertation topic.
Applicants for this Fellowship should submit: (1) A one-page letter of application that specifies how the fellowship would be used; (2) A CV; (3) A two-page (500 words) précis of the dissertation research project that also explains its relevance to EU studies; and, (4) Ask for two letters of support to be sent directly to EUSA. These letters should be from professors serving on the student’s dissertation committee, and one should be the chair.
Please send applications to and use the heading “2013 E.B. Haas Fund Fellowship competition.” The firm deadline for applications to be received in the EUSA office is January 4, 2013. The successful applicant will be notified by February 22, 2011 at the latest, and will receive the grant soon thereafter. The fellowship will be paid in one lump sum by check and in US dollars only.

Application Deadline: January 4, 2013

Resources for K-12 Educators

World View International Study Visit
A trip to the Balkans!

zagreb skylinePhoto Credit: Tripadvisor

Every summer World View leads 10-13 day study visits to a country or region of the world where few North Carolina educators have traveled before. From our own experiences, we understand that travel abroad changes our lives for the better. It broadens our perspectives, it challenges our understanding of ourselves, and it helps us understand those whose cultures are different from our own. International travel also helps us help our students understand the world in more complex ways—and to understand their place in this world.

This year, the study visit will take place in three Balkan countries: Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovenia. Educators  will explore significant cultural and historical sites and interact with local families. We will also learn about differences between Bosnia, Croatia, and Slovenia’s integration into the European Union and economic development. This Study Visit is intended to be a unique and challenging professional development opportunity—not a tourist trip!  To prepare for the Study Visit, participants are required to attend a day-and-a-half seminar on Europe and the EU  (March 20-21, 2013) in Chapel Hill. Following the Study Visit, participants will come back together for a follow-up workshop in August 2013. Knowledge, strategies, and experiences gleaned from the seminar, the Study Visit, and the follow-up workshop will give participants the ability to add global content to their teaching and help their schools and colleges become more global in focus.

Tour: June 19-30, 2013 (Dates subject to change)

Fee: Estimated $3,900

Application Deadline: December 03, 2012

For more information and to complete an application, please go to the Balkans Study Visit website.

North Carolina Council for the Social Studies Grants, Awards, and Scholarships

The North Carolina Council for the Social Studies Awards Program seeks to recognize and honor achievements in Social Studies Education. Several awards are given at our Annual State Conference in February. For more information on the February 28-March 1, 2013 conference please visit the conference page. The deadline for all awards applications is December 15, 2012.

  • NCCSS Student Teacher Scholarships
    The North Carolina Council for the Social Studies offers a $1,000.00 scholarship to an undergraduate student in North Carolina who will be student teaching in social studies in 2013 or 2014.
  • NCCSS Outstanding Social Studies Teacher of the Year
    The North Carolina Council for the Social Studies recognizes exemplary teaching in the field of social studies and will recognize one outstanding social studies teacher in 2013. New this year, the winner of the 2013 Social Studies Teacher of the Year Award will be presented an award check for $100 at the annual state-wide social studies conference luncheon on Thursday, February 28. In addition, the winner is encouraged to share his/her expertise and experiences by presenting on a session topic of his/her choice at the 2014 annual conference; if the winner chooses to do so, the NCCSS will also waive the $100 conference fee in 2014. Selection criteria and nomination forms are found in the documents below.
  • NCCSS Teacher Grants
    The North Carolina Council for the Social Studies provides grants of up to $1,000 to help teachers make an even greater impact in their classroom, school district, and community through innovative social studies programs. Funding priorities, guidelines, and an application are found in the documents below.

For more information on these awards, please visit the NCCSS website.

Global Music Show

Soviet era punksPhoto credit: I. Mukhin, 1987

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 | 9 - 10 pm | 89.3 FM | Listen online at

The Global Music Show is a monthly radio program in collaboration with WXYC and UNC's Area Studies Centers that intersperses world regional music with dialogue shared by relevant expert guest-scholars from UNC Chapel Hill. This month's episode is sponsored by the Center for Slavic, Eurasian & East European Studies. The program unites three different decades and genres of music from countries that not long ago constituted ‘Eastern Europe.’ Find out how beat, punk, and experimental rock were reflected and re-invented against many odds by some of the most important bands from the former Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Soviet Union.

Guests: Adnan Džumhur, Rosavera Kneller, and Kirill Tolpygo

Please tune in to what is sure to be a fun show!

Listen to past broadcasts of the Global Music Show here.


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