March 07, 2013

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World View 2013 Spring Seminar for K-14 Educators
Europe in Crisis? Dispelling Myths About the European Union

EU Globe

March 20 - 21, 2013 | The Friday Center for Continuing Education, UNC at Chapel Hill

What political, economic, and social challenges is Europe currently facing in today's globalized world? What implications will the current economic crisis have for European governments and citizens? More importantly, how can we relate the importance of these events to the next generation of young scholars? If you are a K-14 educator and interested in learning the answers to these questions, please join World View and the Center for European Studies for the 2013 Spring Seminar: Europe in Crisis? Dispelling Myths About the European Union.

The World View Regional Seminar changes regional focus each year and reflects the destinations of World View's international study visit. This year, the seminar will focus on Europe and the European Union and will consist of 1.5 days of plenary lectures and concurrent sessions on the politics, history, and the economies of Europe. UNC-Chapel Hill professors will cover such timely topics as the development of the EU, ethnic conflict in the Balkans, the politics of Muslim immigration, and the European economic crisis, among others. Concurrent sessions will also highlight the teaching resources and strategies available to K-14 educators to integrate this region into their curriculum.

Reserve your seat for the seminar today by completing this form. The registration fee is $175. For more information please call (919)-962-9264 or visit

Join us for these exciting Europe-related events

"History of Military, War and Society" Seminar Series 
War during the Military Revolution: Cultural History and the Longue Durée 

Kristen Neuschel

Friday, March 22, 2013 | 4 - 6 pm | Duke University, East Campus, Carr Building, Boyd Seminar Room

The notion of an early modern military revolution has undergone significant revision in recent years. Nevertheless, many scholars agree that conditions and circumstances of warfare, if not wholly new in the sixteenth century, were novel enough by themselves to produce new strains in the body politic, strains that became acute when overlayed with religious and constitutional crisis, such as in France. Neuschel argues, in contrast, that certain aspects of warfare and politics in the sixteenth century can best be understood as part of much longer term and more gradual changes in the culture of violence and in warrior identity, datable in their origins to ca. 1300 and even earlier.

Kristen B. Neuschel is Associate Professor of History at Duke University and currently serves as Director of the Thompson Writing Program. She is the author of Word of Honor: Interpreting Noble Culture in Sixteenth Century France (1989) and with Thomas F. X. Noble et al, Western Civilization: Beyond Boundaries, 6th edition (2010). Her current project is Living by the Sword: The Changing Culture of War, 1400-1600.

For more information see the website: A pre-circulated paper is available one week in advance at This seminar is co-sponsored by the Triangle Institute for Security Studies.

"The U.S. in World Affairs: The Cold War & Beyond” Lecture Series
The Epistemology of Empire: Asian Wars, Information Regimes, and the Future of US Global Power

Alfred McCoyMonday, March 25, 2013 | 5 pm | UNC-Chapel Hill, Hamilton Hall, Rm 569

Prof. Alfred McCoy (University of Wisconsin-Madison) is the J.R.W. Smail Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Over the past forty years, his writing about Southeast Asia has focused on two topics--the political history of the modern Philippines and the politics of opium in the Golden Triangle.

“The U.S. in World Affairs: The Cold War and Beyond” lecture series is organized by the Department of History, in co-operation with the Center for European Studies and the Center for Slavic, Eurasian & Eastern European Studies at UNC. Prof. McCoy's lecture is co-organized with the Carolina Asia Center.

Public Lecture
Promoting Cycling and Walking for Sustainable and Healthy Cities: Lessons from Europe and North America

John PucherTuesday, March 26, 2013 | 4pm | UNC Chapel Hill, Genomics Building, Rm G-200

John Pucher is a professor in the School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University in New Jersey. For over three decades, he has examined differences in travel behavior, and transport systems and policies in Europe, Canada, the US, and Australia. During his presentation, Prof Pucher will discuss the programs and policies needed to make cycling and walking safe and convenient; the means by which Dutch, Danish, and German cities get virtually everyone on bikes for a wide range of purposes; and what North Carolina communities can do to increase walking and cycling.

Pucher has published three books and over 100 peer-reviewed articles in academic and professional journals. His latest book, City Cycling for MIT Press, provides an international overview of cycling trends and policies:

The lecture is presented by the UNC Institute for the Environment and is free and open to the public.

Duke-UNC "Gender, War and Culture" Series
Music in the U.S. during World War II

Annegret FauserFriday, April 5, 2013 | 4 - 6 pm | UNC Chapel Hill, Institute for the Arts and Humanities, Hyde Hall,  Incubator Room

Traditionally gendered feminine in Western culture, music plays a particularly complex role in times of war, ranging from the practical to the ideological. Not only was music weaponized for use in war theaters and propaganda, but it also served as an agent in the construction of the so-called home-front. Drawing on both popular and classical music, Fauser examines the intertwined destinies of music and gender in the United States during World War II.

Annegret Fauser is Professor of Music and Adjunct Professor of Women's and Gender Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill. Her research engages with music in France and the U.S. in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She is author of Der Orchestergesang in Frankreich zwischen 1870 und 1920 (1994), Musical Encounters at the 1889 Paris World's Fair (2005), and Sounds of War: Music in the United States during World War II (2013).

For more information see: or contact Karen Hagemann.
Co-conveners: Duke and UNC History Departments, UNC Department of Music ,UNC Department of Women's and Gender Studies, UNC Institute for the Arts and Humanities and Triangle Institute for Security Studies


CES Wins the 2013 EUCE Outreach Award

Erica Edwards receives the EUCE Outreach Award from Matt RosensteinErica Edwards, Executive Director of the Center of European Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, accepted the EUCE Outreach Activity Award from Matt Rosenstein, Associate Director of the European Union Center at the University of Illinois, in a ceremony as part of the 12th Annual EU Day at the University of Illinois on February 15, 2013.

The Center for European Studies at UNC-Chapel HIll has been awarded the EUCE Outstanding Outreach Activity Award for our activity, TransAtlantic Masters Program Partnership with Global Webfriends. For the second year running, we have teamed up with World View to link TransAtlantic Masters (TAM) students at Carolina with a program called Global Webfriends. TAM students are recruited to serve as overseas liaisons to elementary, middle and high schoolers throughout North Carolina. Each TAM student who takes part in the program maintains contact with a specific classroom while studying overseas in the UK, Czech Republic, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Italy, and/or Germany. Over the course of several months, the TAMbassador communicates with the designated classroom via Skype and other communication avenues and answers questions about the foreign country in which he or she is studying. Public school teachers and students throughout North Carolina have embraced the program with great enthusiasm, and interest among the TAM students remains high.

Erica Edwards, Executive Director of UNC's Center for European Studies & EU Center of Excellence, accepted the EUCE Outreach Activity Award in a ceremony as part of the 12th Annual EU Day at the University of Illinois on February 15, 2012. The EUCE Outstanding Outreach Activity Award was initiated by EU Center Staff at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to increase the awareness of excellent outreach projects conducted by the ten EU Centers of Excellence located throughout the United States. You can read more about the award and UNC's winning activity on the Illinois EUCE's blog here.

New Major Concentration in Central European Studies Announced

The creation of the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures (GSLL) from the merger of two formerly distinct departments in 2011 has generated an opportunity for the creation of a new undergraduate concentration in Central European Studies. Unique in the US, this new undergraduate concentration in Central European Studies will make Carolina a leader in the growing field of Central European Studies.  This new concentration will begin being offered in the Fall semester, 2013.

The major concentration in Central European Studies is an interdisciplinary track and will appeal to a diverse group of undergraduates interested in Czech, German, Hungarian, Polish and the fascinating history of Central Europe.  In addition to studying two different Central European languages (one through the intermediate level, one through the elementary level), students will take two core courses—GSLL 260 (From Berlin to Budapest:  Literature, Film, and Culture of Central Europe) and HIST 260 (East Central Europe from the Eighteenth Century to the Present)—and six other courses in GSLL and other departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students interested in pursuing the major concentration in Central European Studies should consult with the GSLL Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

Local Teachers and Students Set to Travel to France and Belgium

Eighty students , nine CHCCS teachers and three administrators will be leading educational seminars in France and Belgium during spring break. These travel experiences in Europe support the district’s “Growth Mindset” as they become authentic  models for the “principles of learning.” Teachers and administrators are the experts, coaches, social mentors and language guides  for students who will grow in much more than just cultural and social competence. Through generous funding, these opportunities for growth have become more equitable as those who may never have traveled will benefit from  a “vision of the world” beyond the classroom.

Powered by the generous funding from the European Union and bioMérieux, French teacher Robin McMahon (Smith Middle School) will  be exploring France and Belgium March 22-April 5  with 30 students, five teachers and the CHCCS assistant superintendent of schools, Dr. Parvey. Students and teachers will be staying with host families in Liege, Belgium where they will be attending classes at their sister-school,  Saint-Benoit Saint-Servais. Principal Phil Holmes, along with assistant principal Esther Halm and teacher Dr. Suzanne Smith, will be teaching thirteen students firsthand about Europe March 28-April 5.  The group will spend two days in Brussels before heading to Paris. Both European travel groups from Smith  will be conducting inquiry projects that will be on display for Europe Day at Smith on May 9th. Both trips are largely funded by the European Union’s “Getting to Know Europe” grant and the generous support of French company, bioMerieux.

French teacher Natalie Gaut from Carrboro High will go to France with 23 students. The students will spend 3 days in Paris to explore the city.  They will then take the train to go to La Rochelle in the south of France where they will meet their host families. Last year, 28 French students came to Carrboro High School and were hosted by 28 families in our community.

French teachers Jessica Kelley (Culbreth) and Jennifer Sparrow (McDougle) will be exploring France  with 14 students  Mar. 28-April 4 . They will be visiting Normandy, Mont St. Michel, Rouen, Loire Valley and of course PARIS!

Conferences and Calls for Papers

Annual AATSEEL of the Carolinas Conference

Saturday, April 13, 2013 | UNC Chapel Hill

The Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures welcomes submissions for the annual American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages (AATSEEL) of the Carolinas conference on Saturday, April 13, 2013. Interested participants are welcome to submit papers on topics relating to the field of Slavic literature, language, history, and culture. The call is open to all levels: graduate, undergraduate, and faculty. Presentations should be no more than 20 minutes in length. Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be submitted as attachments to or by March 27. All presenters will be notified of abstract acceptance on April 1, 2013. Registration fee is $ 10, and it has to be paid in cash on the day of the conference. The fee covers coffee-break and lunch.

Application Deadline: Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Theseus Doctoral Workshop 2013
The EU and the Global Crisis: Challenges to EU Governance, Policy Responses, and the Legitimacy Gap

May 21 - 22, 2013 | Sciences Po, Centre d’Etudes Européennes, Paris

THESEUS is a European network of thinkers, actors and ideas whose aim is to foster an open and constructive dialogue between academia and politics about the future challenges of Europe. This Theseus doctoral seminar will allow doctoral students to exchange ideas and discuss their research with their peers and senior academic colleagues.

From 2008, the global economic crisis has represented an unprecedented challenge to EU governance and European institutions since the completion of the monetary union. This doctoral seminar aims at exploring the institutional, political and policy challenges that the EU is facing at this critical juncture. It is intended to be inclusive and welcomes papers that address the topic from various angles – pressures on the institutional architecture or the EU political system; changes in EU governance or the decision-making process; transformation of the EU legal order; changing relations between members states, between national governments and EU institutions or citizens and the EU.

To apply, please send an abstract of 500 words describing the research questions investigated, data, methods, and expected or preliminary findings. Abstracts should be sent by Friday 15 March 2013 to Catherine Spieser, Sciences Po, CEE (, subject “Theseus PhD workshop 2013”).

For more information about the workshop, please see flyer.

Summer Schools

ECPR Standing Group Summer School on Interest Groups
Interest Groups and Agenda Setting in Multilevel Systems of Governance

July 3 - 10 | Barcelona, Spain

The 4th ECPR Summer School on interest group politics offers a mix of courses on interest groups and agenda setting in multilevel governance systems. The goal is to provide graduate students firm knowledge about how interest organizations mobilize to foster policy change in a tremendously complex and multilayered political environment. Students are furthermore trained in methodological approaches necessary for the analysis of framing and mobilization strategies.

Students will be in contact with internationally renowned scholars that will not only offer high-quality lectures, but also provide specific advice about individual PhD projects as students have the opportunity to present a research paper during the summer school. The best paper will receive a special award.

Registration is open from 22nd February until 31st May on a first come first serve basis. Further information can be found here.

ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques

City view of Ljubljana, SloveniaPhoto: Bostjan Burger

July 25 - August 10, 2013 | University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

The ECPR School in Methods and Techniques has become a major event for methodological training, catering for the diverse needs of researchers and advanced students in political science and neighbouring disciplines. Besides the intensive courses (5 refresher courses, 7 two-week courses and 24 one-week courses), the ECPR Summer School offers a great social programme in the stunning City of Ljubljana and the opportunity to network with fellow researchers from around the World. Registration for the Summer School in Methods and Techniques is now open. Please click here to log into myECPR and register. Click here to decide your course combinations prior to registration. 

Early Bird Fee: For ECPR Members, a discount of €100 applies to all two-week courses; €50 applies to all one-week courses.  Payment must be received by ECPR by midnight on 19 March 2013. This discount does not apply to the software training courses. Click here for more information on fees. Funding is open from 3 March to 6 June 2013. Further information will be made available on the ECPR's website in due course.

Olympia Summer Academy in Conflict and Peace Studies

July 4 - 15, 2013 | International Olympic Academy, Ancient Olympia, Greece

The 2013 Olympia Summer Academy in Conflict and Peace Studies is a unique educational opportunity for graduate students, researchers, and practitioners. The Summer Academy features five cycles of studies on: A) Conflict & Political Violence, B) Terrorism & Counterterrorism, C) Political Risk Analysis D) Religion & Politics, and E) History & Philosophy of IR. The Summer Academy looks forward to bringing together a highly competitive and talented class of promising scholars from around the world, and fostering a world-class scholarly network of cooperation in the unique setting of legendary Olympia.

For all information in regards to the program and the application process, please visit: or contact

Application Deadline: April 1, 2013

Institute for European Studies Summer School on European Policy-Making

July 1 - 13, 2013 | Brussels and Vienna

The Institute for European Studies (IES) is organising its 10th inter-university Summer School on European Policy-Making. The programme, organised together with the University of Vienna and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, comprises of one week in Brussels and one week in Vienna. The Institute for European Studies (IES), a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), is ideally located near to the European Institutions and during the summer school, combines lectures with study visits to the Institutions and simulation games. The programme usually attracts students and young professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge of the European institutions, European law and the European decision-making process in general.

The Summer School has received official accreditation from the VUB and corresponds to 5 credits(equivalent to 5-ECTS credits). Students may receive a further 20 credits if they combine the summer school with internet-based  EU-modules on Law and Policy, translating into a postgraduate certificate of 25 credits (equivalent to 25-ECTS credits).

For more information please see: Should you have any further questions, please contact Jacintha Liem at or on +32 (0) 26148002.

Application Deadline: April 15, 2013

Prague Summer Schools 2013

Prague city view

Prague Summer Schools are seven-day academic programs designed to bring together undergraduate and graduate students of various nationalities and academic backgrounds to enjoy a part of their summer in unique educational and cultural environment. All Prague Summer Schools will take place in a beautiful part of central Prague, the Czech Republic. For 2013, the following summer schools will be offered:

29 June – 6 July 2013
European Politics: Interests versus culture
The Future of Europe: Lobbying in Brussels
Crime, Law and Psychology
China: A World Super Power – Myth or Reality?

6-13 July, 2013
Development Cooperation: Breaking the Chains of Poverty
Education: The Future of Schools
Globalization: The End of Consumption as We Know It

We invite you to visit to discover the details about the upcoming programs. The website will direct you to the individual page of each summer school containing information on its academics, faculty, schedule, logistics, alumni feedback, and application process. For questions, please email

Early Bird Application Deadline: 30 April 2013
Final Application Deadline: 15 May 2013

PhD Scholarships

PhD Scholarships in "Institutional Transformation in European Political Economy" at Copenhagen Business School

The Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is pleased to announce two PhD scholarships for the Institutional Transformation in European Political Economy (ITEPE) project. The project studies 1) the interaction and historical evolution of multi-level frameworks compromising local, national and European wide political economy institutional set-up; 2) the organisational and legal set-up of corporatist, neo-corporatist and governance institutions and the function and role of law in relation to these institutions within different European regions and countries; and 3) the evolution of the institutional regimes framing specific industrial sectors such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and steel.

The Department encourages PhD proposals for projects that study one or several aspects of this new research agenda. Detailed information concerning the research agenda advanced by ITEPE is available at the web-site here. The three-year PhD program at CBS allows you to conduct research under the supervision of CBS professors, supported by research training courses. The program is highly international, and you are expected to participate in international research conferences and to spend time abroad as a visiting PhD student. See the CBS homepage for more information about the PhD program, It is also required that the applicant shows an interest in joining the Department’s research environment, see

For further information please contact: Associate professor Poul F. Kjær, tel.: +45 5344 6778, e-mail or Head of Administration Bo Bøgeskov, tel.: +45 3815 3583, e-mail

Application Deadline: March 15, 2013

PhD Scholarships in European Union Politics at the University of Limerick

The Department of Politics and Public Administration of the University of Limerick is inviting applications for a PhD scholarship in the area of European Union Politics. Applications are especially welcome from candidates who wish to study aspects of the European Parliament or the Council of Ministers in their role as law-making institutions. Skills in research methods or a willingness to acquire them would be an advantage. The scholarship covers tuition fees (at EU rates) and provides a maintenance grant of €7000 per year for up to four years, subject to academic performance. The successful candidate will be expected to contribute to the tutorial teaching of the department.

Applications should include (a) a research proposal (5 pages maximum); (b) copies of academic transcripts; (c) a CV or resume (3 pages maximum); and (d) one academic reference. Applications should be sent to with the subject line ‘EU Politics PhD Scholarship’. Letters of recommendations should be emailed directly by the academic referee. For further information, please contact .

Application Deadline: May 1, 2013

PhD Position in "Public Policy/Regulatory Governance" at University of Zurich/University of Lausanne

The NCCR Democracy is an interdisciplinary research program on the challenges to democracy in the 21st century. In the framework of the NCCR project "The Democratic Accountability of Transnational Private Governance" the program is seeking a new PhD student. The project investigates the emergence of private governance as a major change in the modes of regulation that have taken place in the last decades. The program's core research questions are to what extent and how do soft rules produced by private entities become de facto binding.

Applicants should be interested in public policy, regulatory governance, and have had some methodological training. They need to be motivated to do empirical research and work in a team. Candidates should hold a MA/MSc degree in political science or in a related social science discipline, and be fluent in English and German/French. Position starts October 1, 2013. Work location is at the University of Zurich.

Please submit a one page letter outlining your motivation and research interests, as well as a CV, a writing sample (e.g., a published article, a chapter from your MA/MSc thesis, a seminar paper), copies of all academic degrees, and the names of at least two references. Please send your electronic application to: To read the full position description, please visit here.

Application Deadline: June 1, 2013

PhD Position in "Populism and National Political Cultures" at University of St. Gallen

The National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) project "Populism and national political cultures" is inviting applications for a Ph.D. position. Starting date is October 2013 or by mutual agreement. The project investigates the long-term cultural roots of populism and the relationship between national political cultures and the development of populism in Europe. It is under the direction of Prof. Daniele Caramani at the University of St. Gallen.

Candidates must have expertise in comparative politics, electoral research and political communication, and have had methodological training. They must have completed an MA degree in political science. Candidates need to be fluent in English as well as in German and Italian. The appointment is limited to four years. The work location is at the University of St. Gallen.

Please send your electronic application (cover letter, CV, list of publications, copies of academic degrees, and names of at least two persons for reference) to To read the full position description, please visit here.

Application Deadline: June 30, 2013

Calls for Applications

Postdoc positions at CERGU, Sweden

The Centre for European Research at the University of Gothenburg (CERGU), Sweden, hereby announces 2 two-year postdoctoral research positions. CERGU promotes multidisciplinary research on a broad range of European issues that are of interest to both the humanities and the social sciences. The spatial and temporal parameters of CERGU research are broad, as is the level of analysis. CERGU scholarship ranges from local to global perspectives on Europe.

The appointees shall independently conduct their own research and also be part of the planning and execution of the activities at CERGU. The appointee will also be expected to actively participate in the seminar activities at CERGU and regularly present his/her research at international conferences. Start date is the 1st of September 2013, or by agreement with the appointee.

For more information about CERGU, affiliated researchers and their research, see For more information about the application process, please see flyer.

Application Deadline: March 18, 2013

Assistant Professor in Economic Sociology and Social Theory at Copenhagen Business School

The main duties are research activities in relation to the European Research Council project ‘Institutional Transformation in European Political Economy (ITEPE)’ led by Associate Professor Poul F. Kjær. The ITEPE project is concerned with how, why and with what consequences European political economy institutions underwent consecutive transformations from the 1850s till today, as particularly apparent in the shift from corporatism, over neo-corporatism, to governance. For a detailed description of the research agenda advanced by ITEPE the web-site here.

The applicants must demonstrate high teaching qualifications and an ability to teach in a variety of CBS degree programs and executive courses. The assistant professorship is a non-tenured position for a 4-year period with research and teaching obligation. Applicant must hold a PhD and be proficient in English. To read the full position description, please visit here.

Application Deadline: March 31, 2013

Pre-doc Researcher at IHS Vienna

The Department of Political Science at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) in Vienna is now inviting applications for a Pre-doctoral Researcher in Political Science. The successful candidate is expected to undertake empirical research in the context of the department’s research program on “The Politics of Representation in Europe,” comprising the pillars of new forms of political mobilisation/participation, electoral research, parliamentary research and theoretical research on the concept of political representation. The focus of the department lies on European politics but we are happy to welcome PhD exposés drawing on further countries for comparative research.

For more details, please consult the IHS homepage at Interested candidates should e-mail their CV and the contact details of two referees to Sarah Christian (

Application Deadline: March 31, 2013

Fall 2013 LAC Instructor Position

Graduate student instructors are needed to lead these Fall 2013 LAC sections:

ENST 201: Introduction to Environment and Society - MWF 11:00-11:50AM
Spanish recitation - Mo 5:00-5:50PM (tentative)

GLBL 210: Global Issues (ANTH / GEOG / HIST / POLI 210) - MW 10:00-10:50AM
French recitation -Fr 10:00-10:50AM

GLBL 210: Global Issues (ANTH / GEOG / HIST / POLI 210) - MW 10:00-10:50AM
Spanish recitation -Fr 10:00-10:50AM

HIST 159: 20th-Century Europe (EURO 159) - MW 2:00-2:50PM
German recitation - Fr 2:00-2:50PM

Application Deadline: Friday, April 12, 2013

For more information and application instructions, visit

Upcoming Events for K-12 Educators

Guilford County Schools 2nd Global Education Conference

Saturday, March 23, 2013 | 8 am - 1:15 pm | Jamestown Middle School, 301 Haynes Road, Jamestown, NC 27282

All Guilford County Schools (GCS) educators are invited to participate in the GCS Global Education Conference, aiming at exploring resources and best practices to apply global themes in the daily planning as well as within the school culture. As an initiative to support the Strategic Plan goals of enhancing cultural awareness and global competitiveness and providing culturally rich curricula and learning resources, the Conference will provide tools for all educators to successfully lead students to become globally competitive for work and postsecondary education and prepared for life in the 21st Century. The concurrent sessions of the conference will specifically address the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards as well as 21st Century Themes.

For more information about the conference, including the schedule, the keynote address, and the concurrent sessions, please visit the GCS conference webpage.

Orange County Schools' Cultural Explosion

Thursday, April 18, 2013 | 5:30 - 7:30 pm | Stanford Middle School, Hillsborough, NC

For the past two years World Language teachers from Orange County Schools have hosted Cultural Explosions in the district. Cultural Explosion is a celebration to promote interest and raise awareness of world languages and cultures. The theme for this 3rd annual event is Global Sounds: Words and Music from Around the World, and will feature a wide range of cultural performances, community organizations, cultural booths, and delicious foods.

There are a number of ways teachers and students can participate in the event: Students may elect to participate in a scavenger hunt; Teachers and students may sponsor booths about the culture of their choice; High school students may elect to be guest lecturers during the week to present on a culture of their choosing or can serve as volunteers.

For more information, contact Dr. Lujan ( with any questions.


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