META: Modern Europe through Art
















Roots of Modernism: 19th Century Progress and Industrialization Surrealism: the Reprieve Degenerate Art: Politics, Censorship, & Creation Dada: Reaction to the Great War Existentialism: Life After War
an interdisciplinary approach

introduction to module format and levels literary and artwork bibliography additional readings and suggested pairings META overview and major themes



Pablo Picasso: Sef-Potrait (1907)
by Pablo Picasso (1907) | enlarge



Marcel Ducamp: L.H.O.O.Q. (1919)
L.H.O.O.Q. by Marcel Duchamp (1919) | enlarge


Meret Oppenheim: Lunch in Fur
Lunch in Fur
by Meret Oppenheim (1936) | enlarge


: L'Homme au Doigt (1947)
L'Homme au Doigt
by Alberto Giacometti (1947) | enlarge