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Research & Funding

Since the emergence of the Program in European Studies in the early nineties, CES research working groups have held dozens of conferences, often with published editions or special journal editions of conference papers, or data bases. These CES working group publications are listed below.

  • 1992, Editors Gary Marks & Christiane Lemke, The Crisis of Socialism in Europe, Duke University Press
  • 1997, Editor Konrad Jarausch, After Unity: Reconfiguring German Identities, Berghahn Books
  • 1998, Editor Stefan Immerfall, Territoriality in the Globalizing Society: One Place or None? Springer-Verlag, Berlin.
  • 1999, Editors Herbert Kitschelt, Peter Lange, Gary Marks, John Stephens, Continuity and Change in Contemporary Capitalism, Cambridge University Press.
  • 2001, Editors Liesbet Hooghe & Gary Marks, Multi-Level Governance and European Integration, Rowman ߨand Littlefield
  • 2001, Martine Antle, Cultures du Surréalism: les Répresentations de l’Autre
  • 2002, Editors Martine Antle and Dominique Fisher, The Rhetoric of the Other, University Press of the South
  • 2002, Martine Antle, Studies in 20th Century Literature, Vol26, Winter 2002 special journal edition.
  • 2002, Gary Marks and Marco Steenbergen, Dimensions of Contestation in the European Union, special issue of Comparative Political Studies 35: 8 (October 2002) pp. 879-989,
  • 2004, editors Gary Marks & Marco Steenbergen, European Integration and Political Conflict, Cambridge University Press.
  • Forthcoming, 2008, Editors Martine Antle and Sahar Amer, Franco-Arabic Studies, Routledge.
  • 2002 Data Set on Positioning of Political Parties on European Integration. Data were collected and complied by our working group on Party Positioning on European Integration. This data set has led to 8 published articles by members of the group.
  • Forthcoming, Positioning of Political Parties on European Integration in the Enlargement Countries.