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Funding Opportunities for Faculty

Unless otherwise indicated, the deadline for all awards listed herein is April 1, 2013. For all competitions please send the required documents from a UNC email account to europe@unc.edu. All CES grantees are asked to submit a brief (one-page) report on the funded project at the end of the grant period.

Faculty Curriculum Development Awards. CES promotes innovative course development on contemporary Europe. Faculty awards are available to develop new undergraduate or graduate European courses or to substantially revise existing courses to include significant European content. Courses developed under this program should be offered during the academic year following the summer of the award. After this first offering, the courses should be regularly scheduled in departmental course offerings.

Preference will be given to proposals that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Courses available and of interest to undergraduate students majoring in Contemporary European Studies (EURO) and/or graduate students in the TransAtlantic Masters Program
  • Courses related to CES thematic initiatives under Title VI (Islam and immigration in Europe and US-EU economic relations)
  • Courses in the professional schools
  • Courses with high enrollments

European Union Center of Excellence awards
CES will make one to two awards to faculty in the professional schools to develop a new course or a module in an existing course focusing on an EU-related topic or on three or more EU member states. New courses must have at least 75% European content. Modules may include special readings and research assignments integrated into the main course or special sections of a course focused on Europe. Awards will be in the amount of $4000 for new courses and $2000 for modules.

National Resource Center (Title VI) awards
CES will make one award to faculty to develop a new course relevant to the study of modern Western Europe. Courses in any discipline may be funded in this category. Awards will be for $4000.

To apply for a curriculum development awards please submit the following materials to europe@unc.edu.

  • Cover letter describing the course's relevance to contemporary European studies or EU studies and where the course will fit in your departmental offerings (include any pre-requisites) and in the new General Education undergraduate curriculum
  • Proposed course syllabus
  • Letter from your chair approving the project and agreeing to offer the course during the next academic year and on a continuing basis
  • Curriculum vita

Faculty Travel Awards. The Center for European Studies offers a limited number of travel awards to UNC-Chapel Hill faculty to present research on contemporary Europe or EU studies at domestic and international conferences. Priority for these awards will be given to junior faculty, faculty without endowed research accounts, and faculty who have not recently received funds from CES.

Typically, domestic awards range from $300-500 and international awards range from $500-1000. The deadline is on-going throughout the academic year while funds are available. Applications are due at least two months before the intended date of travel.

To apply, please send a cover letter including a short (one-page) summary of the paper/project, an estimated budget including other sources of funding, and a curriculum vita to europe@unc.edu.

Note: International travel funded by the U.S. Department of Education grant to CES may require prior approval by the USED and must comply with the Fly America Act. To facilitate this process, we will need date of departure, city and country of departure, date of arrival, city and country of arrival, air carrier(s) and flight numbers. We need detailed travel information about all legs of your trip (including connecting flights and cities) in order to request approval. If you are flying on an airline that has partnership arrangements with a foreign carrier, please make sure that your ticket is booked on the U.S. carrier and that the flight number listed is the U.S. carrier number.

Faculty and Graduate Student Joint Projects. One to two awards will be made to teams of graduate students and faculty working on joint projects on European topics leading to publication. Awards will be in the amount of $2500.  Proposals should include a five-page (max) synopsis of the research project.

The deadline for these awards is February 15, 2013.

Acknowledgement of Support. Funding for these awards is provided by the European Commission and the U.S. Department of Education. Awardees are required to properly acknowledge support as indicated in the award letter.