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Funding Opportunities for K-12 Teachers

European Union Center of Excellence Competition for K-12 Teacher Travel

Two awards will be made to K-12 teachers for participation summer 2012 in a program organized by the European Commission, with travel expected in June 2012. Teachers from EU Centers of Excellence across the US will join a four-day study tour of EU institutions in Brussels. Each award will include funds for travel, accommodation and per diems. Priority will be given to teachers enrolling a team in the 2012 Euro Challenge competition. Priority may also extend to teachers attending UNC EU Center teacher workshops.

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Please turn in your application and supporting materials by 5:00 pm on March 16, 2012. We expect to notify all candidates of the program's decisions by mid-April.

2009 Itinerary:    
Saturday, June 20   Departure from US
Sunday, June 21   Arrival in Brussels
Monday, June 22   Morning - general tour and meeting at the European Commission.
Afternoon - meeting hosted by the Relex US unit, to include speakers from various Directorates-General. If time allows, a mid-afternoon visit to a Brussels think tank may also be included.
Tuesday, June 23   Morning - general meeting and tour at the European Parliament.
Afternoon - meeting and tour at the European Council.
Wednesday, June 24   Morning - meeting at US Mission to the European Union.
Afternoon - session at NATO headquarters (focusing on NATO/EU).
Thursday, June 25   Day trip to Bruges, including visit to College of Europe.
Friday, June 26   Return to US
*   Participants will have the option of staying longer if they cover their hotel expenses beyond five nights.