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Teaching Resources

The Center has developed several unique resources for teaching about Europe and the European Union. Our multi-media websites explore socio-cultural topics such as Muslim Women in Europe and Francophone Identities in the modern world. Classroom ideas and materials for teaching about European cultures, history, and society both in English and in European Languages are included in the Modern Europe Through Art collection and the Best Practices in Teaching Foreign Languages section. We also offer classroom ready modules on the European Monetary Union, Common Foreign and Security Policy, European Environment policy, and EU Enlargement.

The European Web Links section offers an extensive collection of weblinks organized by country into thematic groups. You will find for each country in the EU resources relating to government, political parties, culture and contemporary society, and more.

To assist instructors teaching in European languages other than English, the Center maintains a media collection for instructional purposes. UNC and other faculty may use the collection free of charge for classroom use or educational assignments.