European Web Resources: Czech Republic

Governments on the WWW: Czech Republic
Welcome to the Czech Republic
country's official site
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Office of the Czech President
Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic
Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Justice
upper house of Parliament

Elections in the Czech Republic

Political Resources: parties in Czech Republic
Ceská Strana Sociálne Demokratická
Social Democratic Party
Komunistická Strana Cech a Moravy (KSCM)
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Krestanská a Demokratická Unie - Ceskoslovenská Strana Lidova (KDU-CSL)
Christian and Democratic Union - Czechoslovak People's Party
Moravská Demokratická Strana (MDS)
Moravian Democratic Party
Obèanská Demokratická Aliance (ODA)
Civic Democratic Alliance
Obcanská Demokratická Strana (ODS)
Civic Democratic Party
Strana Konzervativní Smlouvy (SKS)
Conservative Contract Party
Strana Demokratického Socialismu (SDS)
Party of the Democratic Socialism
Unie Svobody - Demokratická Unie (US-DEU)
Freedom Union - Democratic Union
Strana Zelených (SZ)
Green Party
general resource pages:
Czech Educational and Scientific Network

Center for Social and Economic Strategies

The Prague Post
Web directory of Czech newspapers
Transitions Online: Czech Republic
coverage of post-communist countries
Czech Happenings
search engines
web directory
State Research Library
Národní Knihovna Ceské Republiky
national library of the Czech Republic

Municipal Library of Prague

culture & contemporary society
Transparency International
information on reforming funding practices of political parties
Czech Political Culture in the 1990s
essay examining Czech literature & current state of Czech civilization
Anti-Conscription Radical Initiative
Czech Literature Since the 1980s
City of Prague Museum
City Gallery Prague
Moravian Museum
National Gallery
National Museum

Czech Museum of Fine Arts

Medieval History of Bohemia and Moravia
Presidential Decrees of 1940-1945
University Over the Abyss - Lectures in Chetto Terezin
Interpreting Václav Havel
a literary and political analysis
Lonely Planet: Czech Republic History
Radio Prague's History Online Virtual Exhibit
Country Study of the Czech Republic

German-Czech bilateral relations

Embassy of the Czech Republic, Washington, D.C.
Czech Consulate General in New York
Czech Consulate General in Los Angeles
Honorary Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Philadelphia

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