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Governments on the WWW: Hungary
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Economy and Transport
Office of the Prime Minister

Central Registration and Election Office

Elections in Hungary
Political Resources: parties in Hungary
Szociáldemokrata Párt (SZDP)
Social Democratic Party
Magyar Szocialista Párt (MSZP)
Hungarian Socialist Party
Szabad Demokraták Szövetsége (SZDSZ)
Alliance of Free Democrats
Fiatal Demokraták Szövetsége - Magyar Polgári Párt (FIDESZ - MPP)
Alliance of Young Democrats - Hungarian Civic Party
Munkáspárt (MP)
Workers' Party
Centrum Párt
Centre Party
Nemzeti Demokrata Párt (NDP)
National Democratic Party
Humanista Párt
Humanist Party
Független Kisgazda-, Földmunkás- és Polgári Párt (FKGP)
Independent Smallholders, Agrarian Workers and Civic Party
Magyar Demokrata Fórum (MDF)
Hungarian Democratic Forum

Magyar Igazság és Élet Pártja (MIÉP)
Hungarian Truth and Life Party

general resource pages: Hungarian Link Directory
Duna Nova Press Hungary
hvg online
economic & political weekly magazine
Magyar Hírlap
Transitions Online: Hungary
coverage of post-communist countries
search engines
Sharelook Magyarország
National Library of Hungary
Hungarian Electronic Library (MEK)
National Agricultural Library and Documentation Centre
culture & contemporary society
Ministry of National Cultural Heritage
Soros Center for Contemporary Arts
Nádasdy Foundation for the Arts and Environment
Hungarian Culture Homepage

Hungarian Human Rights Foundation

Hungarian Museums Homepage
Sztaki Gallery
Hungarian Natural History Museum
Museum of Music History
Museum of Ethnography

Museum of Photography

EuroDocs: Austro-Hungarian Monarchy
primary historical documents, based at Brigham Young University
Brief History
Institute for the History of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
Hungary - 1956

Hungary 1956 and the Political Revolution

Embassy of Hungary, Washington, D.C.
Permanent Mission of Hungary to the UN
Office for Hungarian Minorities Abroad

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