European Web Resources: Lithuania

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Governments on the WWW: Lithuania
President of the Republic of Lithuania
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Social Protection and Labour
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Economy
Ministry of Culture

Ministry of National Defense

Elections in Lithuania
Political Resources: parties in Lithuania
Lietuvos Socialdemokratu Partija (LSDP)
Socialdemocratic Party
Lietuvos Krikscionys Demokratai (LKDP)
Christian Democratic Party
Lietuvos Liberalu Sajunga (LLS)
Liberal Union
Naujoji Sajunga (Socialliberalai) (NS)
New Union (Social Liberals)
Tevynes Liaudies Partija (TLP)
Homeland People's Party
Tevynes Sajuna (Lietuvos konservatoriai) (TSLK)
Homeland Union (Conservatives)

Lietuvos Politiniu Kaliniu ir Tremtiniu Sajunga (LPKTS)
Union of Lithuanian Political Prisoners & Deportees

general resource pages:
Global Lithuanian Net
links to Lithuanian news, resources, culture, & history

Lithuania Online: News
links to various news sources

Baltic News Service Lithuania
Silicon Lights News
Lietuvos Rytas
Transitions Online: Lithuania
coverage of post-communist countries
search engines
Lithuania ON Line
National Library of Lithuania
Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences

Vilnius University Library

culture & contemporary society
Department of Cultural Heritage Protection
Centre of Cultural Heritage
information on archaeological sites & cultural monuments of Lithuania
Anthology of Lithuanian Ethnoculture
Lithuanian folklore & traditions
Lithuanian Folk Culture Centre
A Foyer
virtual exhibition of Lithuanian cultural heritage
Overview of Lithuanian Traditional Culture
World Bank Lithuania
Lithuania Link
British non-governmental organization encouraging economic, social, educational, & cultural development in Zagare
Lithuanian Photography
exhibitions & virtual gallery displayed by Union of the Lithuanian Art Photographers
Lithuanian Poetry
Center for Stateless Cultures at Vilnius University

Lithuanian-American Community

Museums of Lithuania
Amber Museum-Gallery
National Museum of Lithuania
Lithuanian Art Museum
Clock Museum

Lithuanian Theatre, Music & Cinema Museum

Hidden History of the Kovno Ghetto
Vilnius in Old Photographs
Lithuania: History
Important Facts in Lithuanian History

Vilnius Historic Centre
a UNESCO world heritage site

Embassy of Lithuania, Washington, D.C.
Permanent Mission of Lithuania to the UN

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