European Web Resources: Poland

Governments on the WWW: Poland
Office of the Prime Minister
President of the Republic of Poland
Lower House of Parliament
Supreme Court
Ministry of Internal Affairs & Administration
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Economy

Ministry of Labor & Social Policy

Ministry of Justice

Elections in Poland
Political Resources: parties in Poland
Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe (PSL)
Polish People's Party
Ruch Odbudowy Polski
Movement for Reconstruction of Poland

Unia Polityki Realnej (UPR)
Union of Real Politics

Platforma Obywatelska
Civic Platform
Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej (SLD)
Alliance of Democratic Left
Unia Wolnosci
Freedom Union
Unia Pracy (UP)
Union of Labour
Pracownicza Demokracja
Workers' Democracy
Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc
Law & Justice Party
Polska Partia Socjalistyczna
Polish Socialist Party
Komunistyczna Partia Polski
Polish Communist Party
Green Party

Socjaldemokracja Polska
Social-Democratic Party

general resource pages:
government hub site with links to news & government-affiliated sites

Centre for Eastern Studies
state agency analyzing political, economic, & social environments

Turystyczna Infolinia
directory for tourism-related links

Zycie Warszawy
The Warsaw Voice
Transitions Online: Poland
coverage of post-communist countries
search engines
Polish World
Panorama Firm
Wirtualna Polska


National Library in Warsaw
Biblioteka Glowna
culture & contemporary society
Poland on the Web
links to Polish culture, art, media, organizations, history, etc.
Poland in Sound, Noise, & Pictures
Polonia Global Fund

Polish Culture

Poland - EU Accession
Information on Polish integration into the EU

Nicholas Copernicus Museum at Frombork
Royal Castle in Warsaw
Centre for Contemporary Art
Internet Museum of Polish People's Republic

Polish Maritime Museum

National Museum in Wroclaw
Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial & Museum

Museum of the History of Polish Jews

American Institute of Polish Culture
Poland's Tourism Site: History of Poland
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Polish History & Culture

History of Poland

Polish Resistance in WWII

Consulate General of Poland in Chicago
Consulate General of Poland in Los Angeles

Embassy of Poland, Washington, D.C.

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