Department of Exercise and Sport Science







Program Description

CSRI’s internship program allows students/individuals from any academic discipline the ability to gain practical research, development or event-management experience. Undergraduate and graduate students who have an interest in college sport, college-sport research, event-management, development, or education are encouraged to apply. Internships can be structured for course credit.

Commitment and Compensation

CSRI internships are flexible, in regard to time commitments. Presently, research and event-management internships are unpaid. As a result we recognize interns in these positions may need to secure additional part-time employment. Therefore, the minimum time commitment for research and event-management interns is 20 hours/week. Since development internships are paid - based on a percent (20%) of developed memberships, donations, or sponsorships - the minimum time expectation for these internships is 30 hours per week. However, if interns require a specified number of hours to satisfy course credit requirements, CSRI can accommodate such a need.

·         Research Internships

·         Development Internships

·         Event-Operations Internships

How to Apply

Submit an application packet that includes:                     

·         Resume specifying academic standing and GPA

·         Letter of interest detailing: Previous experience, Education & Rationale for applying

·         Three letters of recommendation (one from a previous professor)

All appropriate paperwork can be sent to: 


CSRI Internship Coordinator

College Sport Research Institute

203 Woollen Gym, CB 8605
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC 27599


Application Deadlines

Spring: December 11

Summer: April 15

Fall: June 30