Department of Exercise and Sport Science







We would like to thank the following members for their generous support which will allow CSRI to continue to perform research into the critical issues facing college sport.


          Kwame Agyemang--Graduate Student, Texas A&M University

          Tariq Ahmad--Doctoral Student, University of Northern Colorado

          Dr. Thomas Aicher--Assistant Professor, Northern Illinois University

          Nathan Arrowsmith--Director of Campus Recreation, Rollins College

          Dr. Gregory Austin--Associate Professor, Colby-Sawyer College

          Dr. Robert Baker--Associate Professor, George Mason University

          Dr. Heather Barber--Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire

          Dr. Dennis Bechtol--Associate Professor, Northwood University

          James Bemiller--Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee

          Nick Bowman--Assistant Professor, Young Harris College

          Dr. Dallas Branch--Associate Professor, West Virginia University

          Brett Burchette--Assistant Professor, Drexel University

          Dr. Michael Carroll--Assistant Professor, University of Southern Mississippi

          Dr. Akilah Carter--Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University

          Mr. Ralph Charlton--Assistant Professor, Hampton University

          Dr. Colleen Colles--Associate Professor, Nichols College

          Dr. Coyte Cooper--Assistant Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill

          Dr. Joel Cormier--Assistant Professor, Nichols College

          Dr. Todd Crosset--Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

          Dr. Brian Crow--Associate Professor, Slippery Rock University

          Tim Davis--Professor, Wake Forest School of Law

          Jake Day--Graduate Student, North Carolina State University

          Dr. Ronald Dick--Assistant Professor, Duquesne University

          Dr. Steve Dittmore--Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas

          Craig Douglass--Owner, Sports Travel Academy

          Dr. Brendan Dwyer--Assistant Director of Student Services and Outreach, VCU

          Dr. Jean Eckrich--Professor, Colby-Sawyer College

          Terry Eddy--Doctoral Student, University of Northern Colorado

          Dr. Bob Epling--Associate Professor, Reinhardt College

          Craig Esherick--Assistant Professor, George Mason University

          Dr. Jack Evans--Professor and Faculty Athletics Representative, UNC Chapel Hill

          Dr. Bonnie Everhart--Assistant Professor, Cazenovia College

          Caroline Faminigba--School of Pharmacy Student, Hampton University

          Dr. Al Figone--Professor Emeritus, Humboldt State University

          Dr. Laura Finch--Professor, Western Illinois University

          Dr. Peter Finley--Assistant Professor, Nova Southeastern University

          Dr. Jeff Fountain--Assistant Professor, Nova Southeastern University

          Dr. Matt Garrett--Associate Professor, Loras College

          Dr. John Gerdy--Visiting Professor, Ohio University

          Dr. Woody Gibson--Associate Professor, High Point University

          Dr. Amy Giddings--Assistant Professor, Drexel University

          Dr. Dianna Gray--Professor, University of Northern Colorado

          Dr. Gerald Gurney--Senior Associate Athletic Director, University of Oklahoma

          Dr. Rob Hardin--Associate Professor, University of Tennessee

          Dr. John Harris--Associate Professor, Kent State University

          Dr. Louis Harrison--Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin

          Dr. Gordy Howell--Associate Professor, Rollins College

          Dr. Richard Hsiao--Associate Professor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

          Dr. Shane Hudson--Assistant Professor, Texas A&M

          Dr. June Javier--Assistant Professor, Hampton University

          Dr.  Lawrence Judge--Assistant Professor, Ball State University

          Dr. Kevin Keenan--Associate Professor, American University in Cairo

          Dr. Daniel Kelly--Assistant Professor, Desales University

          Darren Kelly--Graduate Student, University of Texas-Austin

          Dr. Jason Lanter--Assistant Professor, Kutztown State

          Sanghak Lee--Doctoral Student, Indiana University

          Dr. Andi Lyons--Assistant Professor, Hampton University

          Dr. Chad McEvoy--Associate Professor, Illinois State University

          Morgan Mercer--Graduate Student, Baylor University

          Dr. Beth Miller--Senior Associate Director of Athletics, UNC-Chapel Hill

          Dr. Laura Miller--Assistant Professor, California University of Pennsylvania

          Packy Moran--Doctoral Student, Ohio University

          Dr. Allen Morse--Assistant Professor, Mississippi State

          Ron Mower--Doctoral Student, University of Maryland

          Dr. Fred Mueller--Associate Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill

          Dr. Mark Nagel--Associate Professor, South Carolina

          Mr. Dave O'Brien--Assistant Professor, Drexel University

          Barbara Osborne--Associate Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill

          Dr. Kadie Otto--Assistant Professor, Western Carolina University

          Brittany Pair--Undergraduate Student, Arkansas

          Josh Pate--Doctoral Student, University of Tennessee

          Dr. Amanda Paule--Assistant Professor, Bowling Green State

          Amy Perko--Executive Director, Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics

          Dr. Jeffrey Petersen--Assistant Professor, Baylor University

          Liz Petrak--Doctoral Student, Texas A&M

          Dr. Dennis Phillips--Associate Professor, University of Southern Mississippi

          Dr. David Pierce--Assistant Professor, Ball State University

          Dr. Nels Popp--Assistant Professor, Illinois State University

          William Pruden--Head of the Upper School, Ravencroft School

          Lamar Reams--Doctoral Student, University of Northern Colorado

          Dr. David Ridpath--Assistant Professor, Ohio University

          Dr. Donald Rockey--Associate Professor, Coastal Carolina University

          Dr. Andy Rudd--Assistant Professor, Florida State University

          Dr. Timothy Ryan--Assistant Professor, University of Memphis

          Dr. Allen Sack--Professor, University of New Haven

          Peter Schroeder--Assistant Professor, University of The Pacific

          Dr. Eric Schwarz--Associate Professor, Saint Leo University

          Dr. Chad Seifried--Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University

          Dr. Stephen Shapiro--Assistant Professor, Old Dominion

          Linda Sharp--Professor, Northern Colorado

          Crystal Southall--Doctoral Student, University of Northern Colorado

          Dr. Ellen Staurowsky--Professor, Ithaca College

          Dr. Daniel Sweeney--Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas

          Dave Thompson

          Dr. Brian Turner--Assistant Professor, Ohio State

          Sonny Vaccaro--Founder, Hoops that Help

          Dr. Boyce Watkins--Assistant Professor, Syracuse University

          Dr. Tony Weaver--Assistant Professor, Elon University

          Janelle Wells--Doctoral Student, University of Florida

          Dr. Jo Williams--Associate Professor, University of Southern Maine

          Dr. Matt Wilson--Assistant Professor, University of Southern Mississippi

          Dr. Brian Wood--Assistant Professor, California University of Pennsylvania

          Dr. Athena Yiamouyiannis--Assistant Professor, Ohio University