A Season of Giving and Thanking

When it is darkest, we see the stars. —Emerson

In November I visited the College of Arts and Sciences for a board meeting in Chapel Hill. Kenneth Wainstein’s report on academic irregularities had been released a few weeks prior to the meeting, and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived on campus. From serving on the board, I knew that the dean and her team had implemented significant reforms, dating back to 2011 when the issues were first uncovered, and that these reforms would ensure that nothing like this happens again.

Here's what I experienced:

  • I watched two outstanding professors demonstrate how they are innovating classroom education for better student learning. This work has been published nationally in sources like the New York Times.
  • I heard students describe how these classroom innovations were helping them better grasp concepts in physics and chemistry. I also met students studying art history who were deeply interested in and engaged by their work.
  • I was part of a larger group of alumni who came back to Carolina for homecoming, and who have never been prouder to be alumni of this incredible place.

Everywhere I looked I saw our stars—students and faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences—engaging in academic excellence through scholarship and research.

I won’t mince words—these are challenging times at Carolina. But I saw firsthand that our challenges have caused us to take a long hard look at who we are. And this is who we are: the oldest and largest school within a top public research university educating men and women who will be leaders across the globe.

I left campus deciding to make an annual gift to the College of Arts and Sciences to show my confidence in Carolina’s leadership. I have never felt more strongly about supporting our students and faculty than I do this fall.

This is what Carolina is and always has been—a community that supports its students and faculty. I ask you to join me in making a gift to the Annual Fund at the College of Arts and Sciences. At this time in our history, our support matters more than ever.

For 221 years, students have come to Carolina to seek out opportunities that will change the course of their lives. That has not changed. For nearly as long, alumni and friends like us have supported these students. Now more than ever they need us. Thank you for your consideration.

Randall Styers
Duke Buchan III '85
The Arts and Sciences Foundation

P.S. To make your gift online, or to read about our students and innovations in education, visit http://college.unc.edu.