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Project datasets (password protected): [Eurostat Comext ] [US ITC]

The data resources below have been compiled for the Global Apparel Project, funded by the NSF. There are four categories:


European Commission - EUROSTAT
This is the main data portal for Eurostat. It includes Comext external trade data. Eurostat's New Chrono database is hosted by Economic and Social Data Service, and you need to register with ESDS for access to those data. - Trade Data Page is the U.S. government's export portal. This is their page that links to trade data sources.

India - Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy - India Trades Database
Fee for access. India Trades presents India's official foreign trade statistics and related data in a user-friendly and software-enabled database. This is the most comprehensive database on India's trade that is collated by the DGCI&S from the various customs ports. The database is detailed up to the 8-digit level of classification. India Trades follows the Indian Trade Classification (based on the Harmonised System of Classification). The database provides quantity, value and unit value in respect of each of products exported or imported. CMIE has processed the original data to facilitate easy analysis of the trends in India's foreign trade. The monthly time-series is available for up to ten years. Annual series is available for about 15 years.

International Trade Centre - UNCTAD/WTO
Includes interactive TradeMap, national and sectoral trade performances by country, info on five-year trade statistics available on CD-ROM, general trade data (2000-2004).

United Nations - COMTRADE
They have a subscriber section and a publicly available one. Its major limitation is that the data are sourced from each country's official submissions and some countries are often late submitting data. E.g. India, Turkey and several other countries have not yet submitted their 2005 data so are left out of the database. But is useful for broad brush analysis and of course a much more elaborate database is accessible to paid subscribers.

U.S. Census Bureau - Foreign Trade Statistics - USA Trade Online Database
"Detailed import and export trade data for approximately 400 U.S. ports coast-to-coast showing value, method of transportation (air and vessel), and the shipping weight of cargo with each of our 240 trading partners. The data covers some 3,000 6-digit Harmonized System (HS) commodity codes and is available beginning with 2003 data."

U.S. Department of Agriculture - Bilateral Fiber and Textile Trade
Contains data on how imports and exports of fiber and textiles are changing in light of the expiration of the MFA. Problem: most recent data are 2002. Useful for historical data on fiber and textile trade.

U.S. Department of Commerce - International Trade Administration - TradeStats Express
Portal for the ITA's trade database. National and state-level data.

U.S. Department of Commerce - International Trade Administration , Office of Textiles and Apparel
OTEXA import and export data reports for the U.S. in textiles and apparel.

U.S. International Trade Commission - ITC Interactive Tariff and Trade DataWeb
"Direct access to trade data; customized reports... Complex queries created under "advanced searching" can be saved for future runs."

World Trade Organization - International Trade Statistics
Includes interactive statistics database, prepared reports on trade by year (1998-2005), and links to national statistics offices. International Trade Statistics reports are issued every year, and the 2005 report is up. It includes over 250 tables, maps, and discussions of trends, sectors, and regions.


India - Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy
Data on Indian industry and the economy are available for a price.

India - Ministry of Statistics - National Sample Survey Organization
Data vailable on CDs for a fee. Employment and Unemployment data are available for 2004, 1999-2000, 1993-1994, 1987-1988, and 1983. The National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) carries out socioeconomic surveys, undertakes field work for the Annual Survey of Industries and follow-up surveys of Economic Census, sample checks on area enumeration and crop estimation surveys and prepares the urban frames useful in drawing of urban samples, besides collection of price data from rural and urban sectors.

International Labour Organisation - ILO BLS - Laborsta
Contains yearly and periodic employment, unemployment, hours of work, consumer price index, and wage data. Also contains Occupational wage data, employment by sex data for occupational groups, public sector employment data, Economically Active Population Estimates and Projections (EAPEP), and methodological descriptions.

International Monetary Fund - World Economic Outlook Database
Published in April and September every year. Use this database to find data on national accounts, inflation, unemployment rates, balance of payments, fiscal indicators, trade for countries and country groups (aggregates), and commodity prices whose data are reported by the IMF.

U.S. Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics - Foreign Labor Statistics
For quick access to data, click on "Get Detailed Statistics," in the first bulleted list. From their website: "The Foreign Labor Statistics (FLS) program provides international comparisons of hourly compensation costs; productivity and unit labor costs; labor force, employment and unemployment rates; and consumer prices. The comparisons relate primarily to the major industrial countries, but other countries are included in certain measures."

Foreign Direct Investment

World Bank - World Development Indicators 2006
Quick Query offers a 5-year, 54-indicators segment of the World Development Indicators 2006 (WDI) database, including FDI. The full WDI Online is available by subscription or as a CD from Publications, but FDI data are available through the free online feature and exportable into Excel.

International Monetary Fund - Data and Statistics
A wide range of financial statistics.

Other Helpful Data Resources

Duke University - Reference site for sociology course: Organizations and Global Competitiveness
Collection of library and online resources on global trade. At the top, there are links to information about trade statistics and sources. The sites provide a good overview of how to access and analyze trade data. There is also a Trade Statistics Overview page within this website, that provides some background on how to use and interpret trade statistics (coding systems, etc.).

Economic and Social Data Service
From their website: "ESDS International provides access to, and support for, a range of international datasets - both macro and micro sources. The service aims to promote and facilitate increased and more effective use of international datasets in research, learning and teaching across a range of disciplines. ESDS International is being run jointly by Manchester Information and Associated Services (MIMAS) at Manchester and the UK Data Archive (UKDA) at Essex."

Federation of International Trade Associations - Really Useful Links
Links to resources on trade, export/import, blogs, cutural issues, etc. Over 8000 links, categorized by topic.

International Family of Economic and Social Classifications
This is a reference site for using trade data and other data, reviewing all of the different systems. Very useful starting point.

USITC Harmonized tariff schedules
This is the Tariff Information Center at USITC, which contains the Official Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (definitions and updates). It also has links to background information about international trade agreements. This site may be particularly useful for anyone doing work on the regional trade agreement topics.

USITC Industry and Regional Analyses
This page contains links to regional research division projects that cover topics such as international trade, export opportunities, investment, growth, and the economic impacts of policy changes. Each region has its own page with links to reports and working papers.

Jeremy Smith, 2003. "International Productivity Sources: An Examination of Data Sources. International Productivity Monitor, Centre for the Study of Living Standards, vol. 6, pages 64-71, Spring.
Abstract: "In recent years, a number of international data bases on productivity trends and levels have become publicly available. In this article, Jeremy Smith from Queen's University provides an overview of these sources of information on international productivity comparisons for developed countries. Smith first reviews a number of methodological issues associated with international productivity comparisons and then discusses what is available from the OECD, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Groningen Growth and Development Centre in the Netherlands, and other sources. He concludes by noting that the data provide no one single truth on international productivity relatives, but rather a range of estimates because of data comparability issues." (IDEAS website)

OFFSTATS - University of Aukland Library
Compilation of Official Statistics on the web. Very comprehensive and sortable by region, country, and topic. Wide variety of topics are available. Quick Links to some of our topics include: Foreign Direct Investment, Industry, and Labour.

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Statistics
From their website: "Detailed statistical information on countries in Europe, North America and Central Asia. Data are organized by domains and subject or policy areas. Currently two main domains a re covered: (1) Macroeconomic statistics and (2) Gender and social statistics. The database is free of charge and data can be exported in several file formats. You can register as user, save your personal data selection and retrieve it for later re-use."

United Nations Ecnomic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Links to national data sources
Very comprehensive list of statistical sites around the world.

United Nations General Statistics Portal
Access to their subscriber-only data sites: COMTRADE, monthly economic statistics, UN Common Database (specialized international data sources). Also access to a long list of free data sites--worth looking at the whole list.

United Nations: World Population Prospects
Population data and projections (from 1950 - 2050) worldwide by region and by country. Updated in 2004.

U.S. Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics - Archived Productivity and Costs Data
Links to annual productivity and costs data by industry since 1992. Available in Txt and pdf formats since 2001.

U.S. Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics - Statistical Sites on the World Wide Web
Contains links to statistical sites for U.S. federal agencies, U.S. state statistics, and a very comprehensive list of international statistical sites.





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