Nathan Putman



B.S. degree (2006) in Biology and Marine Science : University of Alabama
University of North Carolina biology graduate program: Fall, 2006 to present.


Research Interests:


Impacts of oceanographic currents on marine animals

Physiology, behavior, and sensory biology of sea turtles

Effects of abiotic environmental factors on marine animals


    Sea surface temperatures.  Image is from


Academic Honors


Phi Beta Kappa (2006)

National Society of Collegiate Scholars (2003)

Phi Eta Sigma (2003)

Presidential Scholarship, University of Alabama (2002-2006)


Professional Experience


Research assistant, study of temperature-determined sex determination in sea turtles (Dr. Thane Wibbels; summers 2001 and 2003).

Research assistant,  study of factors that influence metabolic rates of reptiles and amphibians (Dr. Stephen Secor; 2003)

Survey of diamondback terrapin populations of coastal Alabama (Dr. Thane Wibbels; summer 2005)

Research assistant, study of phylogeography of salamander species using genetic analyses (Dr. Leslie Rissler; 2005, 2006).

Research assistant, study of magnetic navigation in sea turtles (Dr. Ken Lohmann; summers 2006-2008)

Sensory Ecology graduate student class, Lund University; Lund, Sweden (autumn, 2008)





Putman, N. F., Bane, J. M., and K. J. Lohmann.  2010.  Sea turtle nesting distributions and oceanographic constraints on hatchling migration.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B.  In press. [Download pdf]

Putman, N. F., Shay, T. J., and K. J. Lohmann.  2010.  Is the geographic distribution of nesting in the Kemp's ridley turtle shaped by the migratory needs of offspring?  Integrative and Comparative Biology.  50(3): 305-314.

Endres, C. S., Putman, N. F., and Lohmann, K. J.
  2009.  Perception of airborne odors by sea turtles.  Journal of Experimental Biology.  212: 3823-3827. [Download pdf]


Lohmann, K. J., Putman, N. F., and Lohmann, C. M. F. 2008. Geomagnetic imprinting: A unifying hypothesis of long-distance natal homing in salmon and sea turtles. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105: 19906-19101. [Download pdf]

Putman, N. F. and Lohmann, K. J. 2008. Compatibility of magnetic imprinting and secular variation. Current Biology 18(14): R596-R597. [Download pdf]

Lohmann, K. J., Lohmann, C. M. F., and Putman, N. F. 2007. Magnetic maps in animals: Nature's GPS. Journal of Experimental Biology. 210: 3697-3705.  [Download pdf]


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