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Joining Once You Get Here 

Johnathan Tepper

You may apply for admission to the Honors program after you've arrived on campus.

Second-semester freshman must apply for admission to the Honors Program by the beginning of their second semester. Applications for Spring 2009 are due by Friday, January 23, 2009. The application form is available online. [The Program cannot accept applications before Monday, January 5, 2009. Please do not ask for exceptions.]

First semester sophomores must apply for admission to the Honors program by the beginning of the first semester of their second year. Applications for Fall 2008 are due by Friday, September 5, 2008. [The Program cannot accept applications before Friday, August 22, 2008 . Please do not ask for exceptions.]
The application form is available online.

We know that in each entering class there are literally hundreds of well-qualified students whom we are unable to accommodate in first-semester Honors courses. (It says something about Carolina that dozens of these students were invited into Honors programs at other universities but still chose to come to Chapel Hill instead.) We also realize that students mature intellectually at different rates. For these reasons, there are opportunities during the first two years of college for a student to apply to join the Honors Program. We can look then at what you have done since coming to Carolina--courses taken and performance in them--as well as your reasons for wanting to join the program. 

Dipping Into the Honors Curriculum. Although students in the Honors Program receive priority in registering for Honors courses, our entire curriculum is open on a space-available basis to undergraduates with a B average or better. Some 200 to 300 students sample Honors courses in this way each year.

Senior Honors. The opportunity to do a senior Honors thesis (and thereby to be graduated with honors from the university) is open to students who have achieved a 3.2 overall grade point average by the end of their junior year. Unlike some other universities' Honors programs, the chance to engage in Honors thesis research at Carolina does not depend upon your having taken Honors courses as a first- or second-year student.

In short, when you are ready for Honors, we are ready for you.

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