Islamic Studies Internet Guide

There are many web sites that depict the Islamic religion from a variety of perspectives, many of which are partisan or sectarian, or political. This web site is academic. Unaffiliated with any sectarian or political organization, it is a collaborative effort that unites a number of scholars from the Carolina-Duke-Emory Institute for the Study of Islam. They come from different academic disciplines, including religious studies, history, sociology, cultural studies, literature, art history, etc.

We plan to include a variety of materials, including course syllabi, texts, visual images, and links to organizations and academic centers. This web site provides comprehensive lists and evaluations of Internet sources relating to Islam, organized by subject. It is aimed at serving the needs of college and university faculty members and students interested in Islamic studies. This site also hopes to serve Muslims and non-Muslims who want to know more about the Islamic religious tradition.

Initial funding for this project comes from the IBM Curricular Innovation program at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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Survey for Teachers of Islamic Studies
This survey is part of an effort to discover who is teaching Islamic Studies, and what is being taught.  We are defining the field broadly to include all courses with one quarter or more Islam-related content. Would you be so kind as to assist us by completing the following questionnaire? All individual information will be kept private and used only for statistical purposes. Your syllabi will be posted on the web if you consent.

Principal Investigators:

Dr. Carl Ernst Dr. Charles Kurzman
Department of Religious Studies  Department of Sociology
             University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Page Updated -- April 3, 2001