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Remembering Christopher "Jamie" Bishop

Jamie Bishop was our colleague and our friend. His official role was academic technology liaison at the Johnston Center. His real role was to be a light in our lives. He was a gifted, creative, warm, brilliant, loving man. Before he came to us, he'd been a Fulbright scholar and a teacher in an international setting. While we knew him, he was an artist and a friend to everyone he met. In him, we found an academic technology professional who knew both sides of the computer: he'd been a teacher, so he well knew and sympathized with the frustrations of faculty; he was a master technologist, so he well knew how to develop projects and plans that helped move the College's instructional mission forward. And he simply was a wonderful person: he offered us a ready smile, a witty comment--and then delivered extraordinary insights about art, fiction, international life, relationships, the world. He offered compassion and solace to those facing dark times, and he shared in the joy of the successes of others. We worked side by side for many years and his kindness to others knew no limits. And he was a young man full of the joy of being in love and facing a bright future filled with what seemed to be endless possibilities. We nominated him for an academic technology award in 2002 to recognize his exemplary work in our department, but also to try and find a way to thank him for all the ways in which he brought his gifts to bear on our lives.

His colleagues and friend at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill remember him:

“Jamie was a person who loved to get to know people, not on the surface, but in their hearts, where they really lived.”

“Jamie Bishop was a bright light that crossed my life’s path.”

“He had a warmth, intelligence, and good wit about him that drew you to him.”

“He was funny, sweet, assisted people on non-work related projects, worked in the local coop, stopped by to chat even when the IT system wasn’t sick.”

“He leaves behind a legacy of responsibility and kindness that we should strive to emulate.”

“Your gentle spirit, your many talents, and your love of life will be remembered by all of us whose lives you touched.”

“He knew my name before I knew his.”

“…you just could not find a nicer guy.”

“When I think of him, I see a big smile.”

“Jamie, you had a beautiful heart, a curious mind and a good soul.”

“Jamie was always kind.”

“Jamie was special.”

“Lucky, indeed, were those of us who knew Jamie!”

“…his kind-heartedness and sense of humor illuminated the lives of all who knew him.”

“…he simply was a very good person.”

“Jamie has obviously touched many, many people, and the gift that he was will continue to live with all of us who knew him.”

“What a senseless loss.”

“Jamie is the kind of man who would have shown kindness to the very person who wounded him.”

“…I remember him as a warm, friendly, and all-over great guy.”

“He was a great guy; incredibly kind, talented and generous with his time.”

“He was a very kind, caring, open-minded and wholesome person, deeply in love with Steffi.”

"In my own interactions with him as a colleague, he was so kind, so interesting, that every conversation I had with him left me with a smile on my face."

"He was talented and extremely nice and helpful."

“We miss him; his tragic death has left a painful emptiness in our hearts.”

We feel the pain of his loss in ways too innumerable to mention; we cannot forget him and we cannot forget the way we lost this lovely, gentle man. We are grieving and we will continue to grieve, for while we know how we lost Jamie, there does not seem to be a way to understand why Jamie was lost.

We extend deepest sympathy to all of Jamie's friends and colleagues. We hold his wife and his parents in our hearts, our thoughts, our prayers and ask that others do the same. Our loss is deep and profound, but their loss lies beyond language.

memory39 - portfolio of Jamie Bishop

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