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Week 1




Tuesday, May 20

Intro. to the course and to one another; and more information about the syllabus Computer experience survey. If you don't have an Email account, create one at any computer lab! Also, if you have not used a Macintosh before, please read Macintosh Basics and Macintosh Getting Started. These documents, which can be found on pages 93-115 in the Dead Tree Edition are designed to accompany free short courses offered by Academic Technology and Networks (highly recommended if you have time).

Wednesday, May 21

  • Track a FedEx package online
  • Introduce Topic Proposal Assignment. Read theDead Tree Edition :Tell Us About Your Topic (Pg. 25-26, 265 to Pg. 268)
  • Using Netscape and Telnet to reach the library.
  • What's S.E.A.R.C.H.?
  • The Boolean Search
  • WWW site of the
  • Discovering the Library
    Books, card catalogs, Library of Congress Subject Headings, introduction to keywords, online catalogs, databases.
  • Doing online research and taking notes on the Macintosh with SimpleText, TeachText or Microsoft Word.
  • Saving your own bookmark list, notes and bibliography on your Mac or PC disks.
  • Read theDead Tree Edition :
    Keywords and online searching (Pg. 11 to Pg. 31)
    Due Date for Topic Proposals: May 27

    Buy a 3.5" disk before next lab! You will need at least one disk to store your work for this course. (The best kind to buy is an IBM-formatted 2HD disk, because it will work on most of the computers on campus.)See the detailed explanation

    Thursday, May 22

    WWW site of the Day:Georgia Tech Lorraine
  • Q & A on topic assignment
  • Internet Pioneers
    Search Engines and Indexes

    Find friends, colleagues, and old roommates for free at Switchboard
    Finding people Gopher sites
    Finding people Four 11 directory services
    Finding people A More Comprehensive List

  • Privacy in the Digital Age

  • We Know All About You: Search for yourself on the Net
    Search Engines and Indexes
    Gopher and earlier Internet tools

    Searching the Web
    Yahoo to Alta Vista
    Chief Yahoos: David Filo/Jerry Fang
    What's Yahoo?
    The name Yahoo! is supposed to stand for"

  • Yet
  • Another
  • Hierarchical
  • Officious
  • Oracle"
  • What are some search alternatives?
    The biggest index? Alta Vista.
  • READ: The Dead Tree Editionpages 119-149--Internet Pioneers and History, As We May Think by Vannevar Bush and finding stuff on the Web.
    Also see:
    The Research Triangle at
    Principal Figures in the Development of the Internet and World Wide Web at and
    Web Search 101 Cheat Sheet or 16 Ways to Cut to the Chase at,html.

    Week 2




    Monday, May 26

    Memorial Day!
    ReadThe Dead Tree Edition--pages 181 to 206: So you always wanted a web page of your own?

    Tuesday, May 27

  • Introduction to HTML and web publishing.
  • Making a Web page on your disk the easy way, using templates. Exact ones to be announced, but here are two older samples:
    Our "Steal this" page and Treasure Hunt Template.
  • Review for Almost Mid-semester test--what have we learned?
  • Using Photos on the Web by Prof. Rich Beckman
  • READ: HTML 2.0 Example (DTE p. 199) and HTML Reference(DTE p. 203)
  • Copyright Issues and Using Pictures

    Copyright issues on the Internet
  • READ: The Dead Tree Edition pages 207-214--Web Page Advanced Design
  • Announce Publishing Yourself Assignment(DTE p. 287). Due June 2
  • Wednesday, May 28

  • How to make Web Storyboards
  • Intro to writing HTML
  • How to make a web page from nothing
  • Text-only/ASCII
  • Fetch-fest with Jay Aikat:
  • Bring your photo & favorite graphic!
  • Understanding just enough UNIX
  • Using Fetch to put your pages online
    What is "raw data"?
  • JPEG, GIF and graphic formats
  • Scanning pictures
  • Bring your disks!
  • Copyright
  • Disclaimer
  • Links to the UNC-CH Home Page
  • Photographs and Audio and Video Clips
  • Requirements for Web Pages Linked from the UNC-CH Home Page
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Data Storage and Deletion Policy
  • Guidelines for Group Web Pages
  • Guidelines for Personal Home Pages
  • READ: The Dead Tree Edition pages 215-230--How to Scan and Prepare Pictures for Your Web Pages, Frequently Asked Questions About Picture Files and Web-Approved Formats, and Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about FTP and Fetch
  • Thursday, May 29

    The first test
    A multiple-choice test on material covered in the first two weeks of the course including discussions in class, lab assignments, online course materials and the Dead Tree Edition.
    For sample questions, Read the DTE pages 291 to 300 (see relevant questions only.).

    Web Publishing Resources

    Making a Web Page from Nothing
    The Hard Stuff--gifanims, counters, Java, image maps, etc...
    Dave's free collection of lines, images, buttons, balls and bullets by Jen.

    Week 3




    Monday, June 2

  • More HTML and Hands-on Usenet
  • Hypertext resume and Linking Web Pages
  • Making a home page to link your resume and research pages.
  • Work on the Publishing Yourself assignment. It's due today, June 2.

    Tuesday, June 3

  • Review for the Second terrible test.
  • Check out our mirror of the Heaven's Gate web site
  • Midterm Evaluation of the course so far.
  • Wednesday, June 4

  • Telnet, Pine and MailDrop for Email.
  • A different way to do email: Mail Drop
  • Creating your .signature file.
  • Moving to Arwen's Best of the Usenet Signatures
  • Joining mailing lists; browsing Usenet newsgroups, Netiquette.
  • The Second Test--50 multiple-choice questions covering all material since the first test.
  • Check out the case study assignment (Olympia Media) DUE: June 19.
  • MailDrop and Pine and Pico Introduction. These WWW documents are also available as handouts from ATN, 402 Hanes Hall or 300 Wilson Library.
  • Differences between Lynx and Netscape.
  • Another example, see a lynx version of this syllabus
  • For more documentation on Lynx please read Using Lynx at UNC-CH. This WWW document is also available as a handout from ATN.

      READ: The Dead Tree Edition pages 159-171--Mail Drop/Email Aliases/Pine & Pico
  • Thursday, June 5

    The Culture of Commerce & Business
  • Business information on paper and online
  • International Business Resources.
  • Business Information Sources.
  • Identifying flagship companies
  • GPO Access
  • Infotrac
  • NMI Newspaper Abstracts
  • Carl Uncover
  • OCLC FirstSearch
  • Britannica Online
  • A little bit about ERIC
  • Introduction of Treasure Hunt Assignment--See page 277 in the Dead Tree Edition for all the details (Also see Citation style guide)
    There are more than ten times as many students in this class as there are Davis Library Lexis/Nexis workstations, so you must spread your work on this project through the week.
  • International Business Resources.
  • Business Information Sources
  • READ: The Dead Tree Edition--GPO Access, pages 45-49; pages 64-78; --Infotrac and Company research information; OCLC First Search and Lexis-Nexis information, 79-84 and 85-90; Sample Bibliography Style Guide, 270-274.
  • Federal, state and local agencies. For example, North Carolina State Government, Orange County, and Chapel Hill.
  • Sample government Web site starting points:
    Thomas, the Library of Congress source for government information, and The White House home page, and the The Senate Home Page.

  • Week 4




    Monday, June 9

    Getting your news online
    Print (& other) publications online
    • Familiar and unfamiliar faces: Newspapers, magazines, and publications born on the Web:
    • User interface issues

    Check out the Web Site of the Day!
    Meet the Summer 1997 JOMC 50 Internauts at

    Are Online Newspapers the Wave of the Future?
    This draws upon some of the main points from the following articles:
    Carl Steadman on the failings of "way new journalism." in Feed Mag, March '96
    WIRED 2.09: Electrosphere - "Online or Not, Newspapers Suck" by Jon Katz
    Driving a Newspaper on the Data Highway by Mindy McAdams

    Tuesday, June 10

    Lexis/Nexis and beyond
    Mastering Lexis/Nexis
    with Gary N. Pattillo and Pam Dutcher, Electronic Services Reference Librarians.
    Don't miss this!
    The Lexis-Nexis Assignment is due on June 16

    Wednesday, June 11


    Thursday, June 12

    TBA Get acquainted with these Web sites:
  • Where government and business meet:
  • EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval) and SEC documents
  • Hoover's most popular Web sites for free business information.
  • Business publications online: Information Access Company's database InfoTrac

  • Week 5




    Monday, June 16

    Uses and Misuse of the Internet Lexis-Nexis Assignment is due!

    Tuesday, June 17

  • Final Exam Review--you will receive an online study guide.
  • The dreaded Computer Quiz
  • SPECIAL TOUR!! We take you to SunSite
  • Read
    READ: The Dead Tree Edition pages 239-262--Glossary of Terms/The Lingo (Internet words)

    Wednesday, June 18

    Polishing your case study assignment. Debugging Isis-Ra HTML files

    Thursday, June 19

    Exploring the Web with Deb
    Special Session: Getting a Job
    Finding a house or car on the web
    Polling Sources on the Web
    The case study assignment is due today.

    Final Examinations

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