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If you were a participant or have information on a former participant in the North Carolina Mathematics and Science Education Network (MSEN) Pre-College Program (PCP), we are searching for you. Please fill out the NC-MSEN Pre-College Program Alumni Information Card and send it back to us. Contact Info is as follows. We would love to add you to the list of NC-MSEN PRE-COLLEGE PROGRAM ALUMNI or feature you in our Website with your permission.

By Mail:
Attn: Ms. Umstead
140 Friday Center Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Or by E-mail (Please save before attaching):



NC-MSEN Pre-College Program (PCP) Graduated Seniors
Quick Facts

NC-MSEN Pre-College Program Senior Data (2009-2010):

The 2012 annual senior survey of the NC-MSEN PCP high school seniors yielded the following results (which were findings similar to previous years): 96% of the NC-MSEN PCP high school seniors reported they planned to pursue postsecondary education; 2% had planned to join the Armed Forces; 79% reported they were accepted to attend colleges or universities in North Carolina; 65% reported they planned to pursue a STEM major, 5% to pursue a teaching major, and the remaining planned to pursue business, law, art, or other professions; 68% reported they planned to pursue advanced degrees; 54% reported they had been offered some form of scholarship, some with multiple scholarships offered.


NC-MSEN Pre-College Program 2011 Alumni Highlight



Alumna of UNCC NC-MSEN Pre-College Program (PCP) Earned a Recognition for Her Work
by Starting a Nonprofit Organization named BeautyGap

Amber Koonce, an alumna of UNCC NC-MSEN PCP and a current Morehead Scholar at UNC Chapel Hill, is being recognized
as one of American’s Top role models for her work. Please see article (http://www.jbhe.com/2011/10/one-of-americas-top-college-role-models/).

Alumna of NCSU NC-MSEN Pre-College Program (PCP) Pursuing Groundbreaking Computing Research as a CIFellows

* Full Name: Tamara Lynnette Clegg
* Email: tamaraclegg@gmail.com
* From: Raleigh, NC
* Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina State University (NCSU)
* Current: PhD candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology's College of Computing
* Area(s) of Interest: Learning Sciences and Technology - Identity development, Informal learning
environments, Design of technology, Communities of Learners
* Research: Kitchen Science Investigators: Designing and developing a system to help students learn
about chemistry and cooking.
* Miscellaneous: Hobbies, health, fitness, etc.

Press Releases
Kitchen Science Investigators in the NY Times Jan. 4, 2009
Tammy in NC news


NC-MSEN PCP alumna, Dr. Tamara Clegg, who participated at the NCSU PCP site and was the keynote speaker at our 2nd P.E.R.S.I.S.T. Banquet in 2009, was a

Computing Innovation Fellows (CIFellows). CIFellows Project is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). It was established two
years ago to provide recent Ph.D.s in computer science and allied fields exciting one- to two-year opportunities at universities and industrial research labs.
A key goal was to retain these bright young graduates in research and teaching during the economic downturn. A total of 60 CIFellows were funded in 2009,
followed by 47 others in 2010.

A CIFellows such as Dr. Tamara Clegg herself is pursuing groundbreaking computing research in areas like learning, biology, sustainability, and journalism,

Tamara Clegg (2010):

Ph.D.-granting college/university: Georgia Institute of Technology
Mentor, host organization: Allison Druin, University of Maryland

Biography: Tamara Clegg is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Maryland’s iSchool. Her research interests are in science identity and how technology can promote science identity development. She received her B.S. from North Carolina State University in 2002 and her Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Interactive Computing in 2010. As part of her dissertation work, she was a co-creator of a life-relevant learning program, Kitchen Science Investigators, and supporting technology.

Research interests: Tamara’s research is focused on developing technology to support life-relevant learning environments where children engage in science in the context of achieving goals relevant to their lives. She is using participatory design with children to develop these new technologies. Her work includes creating new life-relevant learning environments to understand how identity development happens across these environments. From this analysis, she aims to draw design guidelines for life-relevant learning activities and technology in various contexts (e.g., sports).





NC-MSEN Pre-College Program 2010 Alumni Highlight



Alumna of NCSU NC-MSEN Pre-College Program (PCP) Attended Summer Program at Washington University


Ninecia Scott was accepted into the Biomedical Research Apprenticeship Program (BioMed RAP) and the NSF funded
Cellular and Developmental Biology Apprenticeship Program (CD-BioRAP), which are 10-week summer research programs
for exceptional students interested in pursuing biomedical research careers. These programs are designed to provide a
rigorous, in-depth research experience to prepare participants for top-quality Ph.D. and M.D./Ph.D. programs in the
biological and biomedical sciences. The 2010 programs will convene June 1 through August 6, 2010.

Washington University is recognized as a preeminent research and educational institution. The University provides
education, leadership and an environment that future scientists and clinicians need as they prepare to solve emerging
biological problems. The program will conclude with a symposium featuring research presentations by participants.

As a BioMedRAP/CD-BioRAP participant, Ninecia will:

  • conduct independent research with outstanding faculty mentors
  • work in a cutting edge science and technology environment
  • gain exposure to some of the nation's finest biomedical investigators and an extensive variety of research topics
  • receive individualized career counseling and develop your career interests
  • participate in workshops, seminars and journal clubs
  • build a social network with student peers and faculty
  • prepare to apply to the best Ph.D. and M.D./Ph.D. programs in the United States

Additional Information can be obtained from the BioMed RAP's website link: http://biomedrap.wustl.edu/dbbs/website.nsf/biomedrap?OpenPage.


NC-MSEN Pre-College Program 2009 Alumni Highlight


Alumna of FSU NC-MSEN Pre-College Program (PCP) Served as "Chancellor for the Day"

Ms. Kristy Mitchell, a 2007 Fayetteville State University (FSU) NC-MSEN Pre-College Program (PCP) alumna,
was selected as FSU’s “2009 Chancellor for the Day.” In describing her recent leadership experience she states,
“It’s a great opportunity to walk in the shoes of the Chancellor and see through the eyes of a great leader.”
Please visit http://www.uncfsu.edu/chancellor/foraday/kristy.htm to see more details.

Upon high school graduation, Kristy received a scholarship to attend FSU and is currently a junior majoring
in Mathematics. This is the second time a NC-MSEN PCP graduate has been selected for the prestigious
university honor. Mr. Matthew Wynn, FSU PCP Class of 2005, was selected to serve as the “2008 Chancellor
for the Day."


Alumnus of UNC Charlotte NC-MSEN Pre-College Program (PCP) Earned Prestigious Honor Award

Jeremy Feaster and his classmate, Dusty Watts, getting ready to board the plane to London.

Jeremy Feaster, a graduate of the UNC-Charlotte NC-MSEN PCP and Harding High School, was selected to spend eleven weeks studying at
Worcester College at Oxford University. During the summer study abroad program, he earned 12 college credits and enjoyed traveling in
Paris, Germany and Italy. Jeremy is most noted for his high school research that focused on a water purification system for Third World
countries, which resulted in numerous awards and recognition.

Jeremy attends Georgia Institute of Technology with a major in Engineering. After completing one year at Georgia Tech, he has earned
sufficient credits to be classified as a junior. Jeremy also was selected as Georgia Tech’s keynote speaker for the 2009 Freshman Convocation.
This prestigious honor is awarded to only a few students who have distinguished themselves as academic scholars. Please click here to view
the article about Jeremy's Convocation in Technique (in pdf)


NC-MSEN Pre-College Program 2008 Alumni Highlight


NCSU NC-MSEN Pre-College Program (PCP) Alumna's CNN Blurb

An NCSU NC-MSEN PCP alumna, Tamara Clegg, is currently a doctoral student at Georgia Tech. She was featured recently on CNN
about her Kitchen Science Investigators. Please click to view the video clip.



Alumnus of UNCC NC-MSEN Pre-College Program (PCP) was Featured in the December Issue of
The University City Magazine

Jeremy Feaster, alumnus of UNCC NC-MSEN PCP and a graduate of Harding University, is a
modern day renaissance man who recently completed a summer internship at UNCC
in hopes of purifying water for Third World countries. Please click to read his article in the
University City Magazine (in pdf)
as well as the Web site of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.









NC-MSEN Pre-College Program 2006 Alumni Highlight



Alumnus of FSU NC-MSEN Pre-College Program (PCP) Gave Back to Community

Derrick Raphael, Fayetteville State University (FSU) NC-MSENPCP alumnus, who is also a recent graduate at Princeton University gave
forty students at Pine Forest and nearby schools in Fayetteville, NC a support system so they can learn how to pursue and reach goals.
Please click an article at Fayetteville Online and The Fayetteville Observer. (Please make sure you have Adobe Reader to view these
two articles. If not, please click here to download.)


NC-MSEN Pre-College Program 2005 Alumni Highlight


Alumnus of UNCCH NC-MSEN Pre-College Program (PCP) Received
Exceptional Academic Achievement




Dr. Patrick Hines, alumnus of UNCCH NC-MSEN PCP, is the first Africian American male to complete the MD/PhD
Program at The University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill. He received his PhD in Pahrmacology.
Dr. Hines is a Chairperson Emeritus for the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) and a graduate of
Hampton University's School of Science.


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