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Date Title Presenter
Literature Group Meeting
06/01/10 N-Heterocyclic Carbenes Tim Martin
04/30/2010 Acutumine Mark Mans
4/23/2010 Vinigrol Anne-Marie Schmitt
3/26/2010 Polycavernoside A Philip Williams
3/12/2010 Pseudolaric Acid B Colin Hughes
2/12/2010 The Total Synthesis of Cephalostatin 1 Lizzie O'Bryan
10/28/2009 The Total Syntheses of Brevisamide Jason Stevens
10/21/2009 One-Carbon Ring Expansions of Heterocycles Adam Azman
07/29/2009 The Total Synthesis of (-)-Himandrine Jason Stevens
07/22/2009 Haplophytine Tim Martin
07/15/2009 Dithianes Colin Hughes
06/18/2009 Ynamide Chemistry Philip Williams
06/04/2009 Non-Enzymatic Desymmetrization Adam Azman
03/11/2009 Steroids Colin Hughes
03/04/2009 Total Synthesis of Pseudolaric Acids A and B Lizzie O'Bryan
02/25/2009 Dipolar Cycloadditions in Alkaloid Synthesis Mariam Shamszad
01/28/2009 Pestalotiopsin A Anne-Marie Dechert
01/21/2009 Syntheses of Oseltamivir: The Cure for the Flu? Philip Williams
12/10/2008 Total Syntheses of (-)-Quinocarcin Adam Azman
12/03/2008 Vitamin B12 Mark Mans
10/08/2008 Synthesis of (+)-Eremantholide A Daniel Yao
9/24/2008 The Total Syntheses of Cortistatin A and Related Molecules Jason Stevens
9/10/2008 SOMO Activation Colin Hughes
8/27/2008 Synthesis of the Zoanthamine Alkaloids Lizzie O'Bryan
7/30/2008 Recent Methods for the Asymmetric Synthesis of C(α)-Tetrasubstituted Hydroxycarbonyls Tim Martin
7/25/2008 Silacyclopropanes Anne-Marie Dechert
6/11/2008 Synthesis of Marine Alkaloids from the Oroidin Family Mariam Shamszad
6/4/2008 The Bryostatins and Analogues: A Study in Macrocyclizations Adam Azman
5/28/2008 Asymmetric Deprotonations and Substitutions Mark Mans
3/19/2008 Molecular Toys Adam Azman
3/5/2008 Asymmetric Counterion Directed Catalysis Jason Stevens
2/27/2008 Recent Highlights from the Nicolaou Laboratory Christie Stauffer
2/20/2008 Synthesis of the Steroidal Natural Product Ouabain and Aglycone Ouabagenin Matt Haley
2/6/2007 Total Syntheses of Nakadomarin A Anita Mattson
1/16/2008 Total Synthesis of Paraherquamide A and Marcfortine B Mariam Shamszad
12/12/2007 Hennoxazole A Philip Williams
12/5/2007 Club Phosphorous Mark Mans
11/7/2007 Recent Highlights from the Danishefsky Laboratory Anne-Marie Dechert
10/31/2007 Digitoxigenin:One of the most ingested drugs in medicine Tim Martin
10/17/2007 Total Syntheses of Nominine Lizzie O'Bryan
10/10/2007 Sonochemistry Colin Hughes
8/8/2007 Synthesis of Azadirachtin Tim Martin
8/1/2007 Salinosporamide A Anne-Marie Dechert
7/11/2007 Progress towards the Total Synthesis of (+)-Nodulisporic Acid A Mark Mans
6/20/2007 Total Syntheses of (+)-Lyconadin A and (-)-Lyconadin B Lizzie O'Bryan
5/30/2007 Synthesis of the Chamigrane Sesquiterpine Core Philip Williams
5/23/2007 Total Synthesis of Tetrodotoxin (ft. the Baeyer Villiger reaction) Colin Hughes
5/9/2007 Total Syntheses of Platensimycin Adam Azman
5/2/2007 Total Syntheses of (-)-Terpestacin Jason Stevens
4/18/2007 Career Overview of David W. C. MacMillan Christie Stauffer
4/11/2007 The Total Synthesis of Himgaline Mariam Shamszad
3/21/2007 The Development of the Asymmetric Catalytic Cr/Ni Mediated Coupling Reaction and The Total Synthesis of Halichondrin B Matt Haley
3/7/2007 Recent (and Not-So-Recent) Applications of Geminal Dianions Danielle Jacobs
12/13/2006 Polyvalent Iodine in Organic Synthesis (more than Dess-Martin) Matthew Kreilein
12/6/2006 The Amphidinolide T-Series Jason Stevens
11/15/2006 Ionic Liquids in Organic Synthesis Adam Azman
11/1/2006 Total Synthesis of the Chartellines Mariam Shamszad
10/25/2006 [2,3]-Sigmatropic Rearrangements in Organic Synthesis Matt Haley
10/11/2006 Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis Danielle Jacobs
7/19/2006 Skeletal Rearrangements In Natural Product Synthesis Matthew Kreilein
6/28/2006 Total Synthesis of Aspidophytine Jason Stevens
6/21/2006 (+)-Yatakemycin Adam Azman
6/7/2006 Total Synthesis of Halipeptins A and D Mariam Shamszad
5/24/2006 Tremorgenic Indol Alkaloid (-)-Penitrem D Matt Haley
1/11/2006 Sugars and Their Use in Synthesis Matthew Kreilein
4/26/2006 Haouamine A and B Mike Ellis
4/3/2006 Total Synthesis of (-)-Kendomycin Greg Schaaf
12/14/2005 Diverted Total Synthesis in Medicinal Chemistry Research Luke Zuccarello
12/7/2005 Synthesis of Several Members of the Antitumor Antibacterial Tetrahydroisoquinoline Family Aaron Smith
11/30/2005 The Tetracyclines Mike Ellis
11/2/2005 Ergot Alkaloid Syntheses Theo Martinot
9/28/2005 From Benchtop to Process Plant in the Pharmaceutical Industry Danielle Jacobs
8/31/2005 Total Syntheses of (+)-Dactylolide and (+)-Zampanolide Mariam Shamszad
8/17/2005 Non-Metathesis Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation via Ruthenium Catalysis: Chemistry Developed in the Trost Lab Matt Haley
5/25/2005 Coriolin - A Popular Triquinane Luke Zuccarello
5/18/2005 Life (& Death) Theo Martinot
4/27/2005 Total Synthesis of and Studies Surrounding Batrachotoxinin A Aaron Smith
4/6/2005 Total Synthesis of Peluroside A Mike Ellis
3/2/2005 Stereocontrolled Total Synthesis of (-)-Aurisides A and B Danielle Jacobs
1/12/2005 Synthesis of Amphidinolide X and an Exploration of Key Reactions Patrick McDougall
2005 Synthesis of Vytorin Erin Milner
12/15/2004 The Hetero Diels-Alder Cycloaddition of Dienes with Aldehydes: Developments in Reactivity and Selectivity Luke Zuccarello
11/10/2004 Morita Baylis Hillman Reaction Aaron Smith
9/8/2004 Radicals in Total Synthesis Jon Parrish
8/14/2004 Recent Advances in sp3-sp3 Cross-coupling Reactions Amran Gowani
1/??/2004 Palladium pi-Allyl Complexes in Total Synthesis Jon Parrish
12/10/2003 Total Synthesis of Gymnocin-A Patrick McDougall
Unknown Synthesis of the Phomoidrides (CP 225,917 & CP 263,114) Patrick McDougall
Unknown Azaspiracid Greg Schaaf
2nd Year Literature Seminar
4/3/2008 Recent Utilization of Allenes in Multiple Bond-Forming Reactions Tim Martin
3/20/2008 N-H Insertions: Rhodium vs. Copper Mark Mans
2/7/2008 Cu(I)-Catalyzed 1,3 Dipolar Cycloadditions Anne-Marie Dechert
2/1/2008 Electron Transfer Catalyzed Cycloadditons Promoted by Radical Cation Salts Colin Hughes
1/31/2008 Recent Advances in Nickel Catalyzed Cross Coupling Reactions with Alkyl Halides Lizzie O'Bryan
3/8/2007 Recent Advances in Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation Adam Azman
1/19/2007 Recent Advances in Rhodium Catalyzed Asymmetric Cascade Reactions Jason Stevens
4/20/2006 Tandem Reactions in Organic Synthesis: Ruthenium and Palladium Catalysis Matt Haley
2/9/2006 Catalytic Asymmetric Addition to Ketones Using Organozinc Reagents Mariam Shamszad
3/5/2004 Transition Metal-Catalyzed Multicomponent Cycloadditions Luke Zuccarello