Curriculum Alignment

This website is intended to align with the National Science Education Standards and the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. A list of which specific portions of the website align with individual essential understandings is below.

Essential Understandings:

  • Segments of DNA called genes provide instructions for making particular proteins: Genes and Proteins
  • The process that converts genes to protein involves RNA as a messenger: Genes and Proteins
  • Proteins are responsible for all the functions of the cell: Proteins in the Cell
  • Some of the functions of the cell that proteins carry out are involved in cell division: Mitosis and the Cell Cycle
  • Cancer occurs when cell division occurs hyperactively, causing a large growing mass called a tumor: What is Cancer?
  • The process of scientific advancement is driven by technological innovation involving the manipulation of biological organisms: Modeling Cancer
  • The study and innovations that occur in biology are brought about in model organism systems: Modeling Cancer
  • Investigations lead to new understanding of scientific processes, such as those occurring in the cells: The Whole Research Process
  • By investigating the mechanisms of the cell, scientists are able to make drugs to target disease such as cancer: Protein Targets
  • The results achieved from this inquiry require significant investigation and collaboration between scientists: References and Thanks