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How to Use this Site

This website is intended to be an educational resource for teachers and students to learn about the process and methods that go into performing scientific research and connecting it to science that can be understood by someone with a minimal high school level understanding of science and biology. In this regard the website is divided into parts.


The Research portion of the website details the research process of one laboratory working toward creating a new cancer drug. It assumes that the reader has a basic understanding of genes and cells but briefly explains more advanced concepts as it goes along.


The Background portion of the website consists of basic primers on biological and medical topics that aid in understanding the processes that are going on in the research described. The two are designed to be independent of each other; students should be able to follow the research without a detailed understanding of the biotechnology and the cell processes going on, however knowing these concepts will enrich the experience. Likewise, the research provides a readily available example of the applications of biological concepts that are mentioned in the background section.


Sections of the website can be assigned as supplemental reading before, during, or after learning the relevant biological theories and the student and teacher resources section contains a number of further resources, including videos and animations, detailing the biology information discussed here in greater detail for interested students or teachers seeking additional supplemental material. There is also an activity for explaining RNA interference.


Furthermore, all images and graphics used on this website can be utilized as instructional aids. The images can be found Here in both .png and .svg formats.