The HHMI-Future Teacher program was supported in part by a grant to UNC-Chapel Hill from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the Precollege and Undergraduate Science Education Program.

The UNC Baccalaureate Education in Science and Teaching (UNC-BEST) Program is a collaboration between the School of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences. The Program allows science and mathematics majors to earn their high school science teaching license and their science degree in four years.

I also thank the Mitchell Lab, Especially James Cronin, Marty Dekkers, Miranda Welsh and Charles Mitchell, for welcoming me into your lab, teaching me so much and being very supportive.

Finally, thank you Amanda Foster and Sarah Dooley for teaching me HTML , CSS and Flash, and for your countless hours of technical support and troubleshooting.


This site was created by Emilie Romero, as part of the the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Future Teacher internship

Image credits

Thank you Charles Mitchell, James Cronin and Miranda Welsh for sharing your photographs from thr lab and the field.

Thank you Wikipedia Creative Commons users: Katie Prarie Conservency, Malene Thyssen and Matiasmehdi for providing copywright free images.

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