Why is the recent decline in biodiversity
all over the news?

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Under the Sea; Coral Reefs in Peril

Coral reefs have been dying for years due to fishing damage, pollution from farm runoff, reckless tourism and shore development. Now global warming is accelerating the decline.

Eastern Cougar Declared Extinct by US Government

Habitat fragmentation contributed greatly to the delcine of these big cats. They are now officially extinct. Experts are hopeful that western cougar may migrate east and fill their eastern cousin's niche.

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Multitude of Species Face Peril From Warming

Endangered Butterfly

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley have found that current extinction rates are much higher than normal. They warn that if the trend continues unchanged the earth could face another mass extinction in the next several centuries to one millennium. Many scientists warn that global warming will increase the rate of extinction even more.

Bye Bye Blackbird

The USDA takes responsibility for one of the recent mass bird deaths. Their project Bye Bye Black Bird, started in the 1960's, uses pesticides to kill large numbers of birds that are a potential risk to livestock food or otherwise harmful to humans.

Atlantic Forests in More Peril Than Amazon

A new airport, hotels and a convention center have taken the place of the lush forest that formerly dominated the shore of Porto Seguro on Brazil's Atlantic coast.

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