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Welcome teachers! Here you can find a couple activities to use in your classroom to help your students learn more about genetics research. The activities will work best if the students have already been taught an introduction to genetics.

Mutated Fly for the Day

This activity is designed to help students understand how mutations are passed through multiple generations of an organism. The students get to be mutated fruit flies for the day and blindly hop around the classroom to find other flies to cross with. They participate in a multiple dihybrid crosses and compare the final genotype and phenotypes that result. This activity can also easily be alterned to be a lesson on evolution.

Cross Out the Mutation Student Worksheet

Cross Out the Mutation Teacher Instructions

Fruit Fly Phenotypes

Extract Your DNA

This activity from PBS lets students extract their own cheeck DNA using household items.

DNA Extraction

DNA Model

This is a paper DNA model that students can make in class. It can be used for all kinds of DNA lessons.

DNA Model




Elizabeth Service
UNC Baccalaureate Education in Science and Teaching