Kathryn and Elizabeth on a typical day in the Sekelsky Lab

Kathryn and me on a typical day in The Sekelsky Lab

This website was created by me, Elizabeth Service, as part of the HHMI-FT Internship. I spent ten weeks working in a fruit fly lab and functioning like an anthropologists so I could share with high school students what goes on in university research. The HHMI-Future Teacher program was supported in part by a grant to UNC-Chapel Hill from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the Precollege and Undergraduate Science Education Program.

I would like to thank the following people for all their help this summer:

  • Dr. Jennifer Coble for giving me the amazing opportunity to participate in this internship and all of UNC-BEST. The UNC Baccalaureate Education in Science and Teaching (UNC-BEST) Program is a collaboration between the School of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences. The Program allows science and mathematics majors to earn their high school science teaching license and their science degree in four years.

  • Kathryn Kohl for very patiently mentoring me in the lab. You’re going to make a great professor!

  • Dr. Miranda Thomas for making the site more interesting and accessible to high school students.

  • Amanda Foster and Sarah Dooley for teaching me computer skills that I never thought I would have.

  • The Sekelsky Lab for so openly welcoming a math major for the summer.
  • Stephanie Bellendir
    Susan Cheek
    Dr. Kenny Kuo
    Dr. Matt LaFave
    Brie Petcher
    Noelle Romero
    Dr. Jeff Sekelsky
    Greg Zapotoczny

Elizabeth Service
UNC Baccalaureate Education in Science and Teaching