The Power of Google

Just Google it. What does that phrase mean to you? You've probably told somebody to "just Google it", or you might have just Googled something yourself. You want to know the score of the latest baseball game. Just Google it. What's the weather for tomorrow? Just Google it. How many calories are in my Chick Fil A sandwich? Just Google it. Why exactly is the sky blue? Just Google it. The possibilities are endless. Google has become so embedded in our everyday lives that we turn to it for a lot of our day to day information. And why wouldn't we? Google is a powerful tool that usually gives us the information that we're seeking. And it does it so quickly. So how is Google so quick and yet also so accurate? The answer behind the power of Google is Algebra II!

This website will show you just how Google uses Algebra II skills to be successful. Math is actually a science that can teach us so many things. There are many things to discover about the way numbers work. A lot of times this takes going through experimentation with different methods and operations. As you'll see later on in the site, this experimentation often leads to constant revisions as researchers encounter new problems. Before we can jump into the math though, there are some things we need to review. Like what is a network? You've probably heard that word before, but what does it mean for Google? We also need to review some math back from Algebra I: matrices. You can click the START button when you are ready to begin. If you've already begun and need to get back to your previous spot, use the navigation bar to jump ahead.