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Test what you learned on this website and make sure you were paying attention!

1. What event occurs during S phase of the cell cycle?

A. Sequencing of DNA
B. Growth of Organelles
C. DNA Synthesis
D. Science

For a hint, check out the What is Cancer? page!

2. What is the correct order of Mitosis?

A. Telophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Prophase
B. Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase
C. Metaphase, Telophase, Prophase, Anaphase
D. Prophase, Anaphase, Metaphase, Telophase

There's an acronym for the order of Mitosis listed on the What is Cancer? page. Can you find it?

3. If you change the amino acid sequence of a protein, what is affected?

A. Protein Shape
B. Protein Function
C. Interaction with other proteins
D. All of the Above

Check out the cool images on the Studying Protein Function page to help you answer this question.

4. In the process of Molecular Cloning, a vector and target insert gene bond together to form what structure?

A. Plasmid
B. Chromatin
C. Histone
D. Chromosome

Try the Test Yourself drag-and-drop to find the answer!

5. The groups of histone "balls" wrapped in DNA may also be referred to as___________.

A. Base Pairs
B. Nucleosomes
C. Chromatin
D. DNA Polymerase

This is the technical term, referred to on the Histones page.

6. According to our "Mob Boss" analogy, when the instructions to make histones are not degraded (shredded), what does NOT occur in the cell?

A. Histones are continually produced
B. Cells stop Dividing
C. Cell Death
D. Normal Cell Division

For the answer, check out the Research of Histones Dr. Marzluff is doing!

7. Dr. Marzluff and his lab at UNC-Chapel Hill study how histone research can be applied to_______________.

A. Cloning Sheep
B. Making new proteins
C. Cancer treatment
D. Fruit Fly reproduction

What disease involves an over-active cell cycle and affects 27% of Americans?

8. The image of nucleosomes (groups of histones) strung along a strand of DNA is often referred to as the ____________________ model.

A. Beads on a String
B. Balls on a string
C. Nerds on a rope
D. Soap on a rope

Look back at some of the image captions on pages involving histones!

9. Cell membranes, composed of a _______________ _______________, are very specific about what they allow to enter into the cell.

A. Mucous Layer
B. Permeable Envelope
C. Chroion Membrane
D. Phospholipid Bilayer

This membrane was referred to as the "security guard" of the cell.

10. All of the following are results of scientific research collaboration EXCEPT:

A. Building a foundation of general research
B. Winning first prize at the international cupcake conference
C. Developing specific disease therapies
D. Advancing research using innovative technology

Though scientists do enjoy the occasional cupcake, taste-testing is not usually considered "scientific research"!

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