For Students: Module Introduction

scientistScientists use so many complex and expensive tools during their daily research. But of all these tools, the most important tool a scientist can use is their mind. One universal fact about scientific research is that unexpected things occur all the time. Whether a particular phenomenon is different than the scientist's initial hypothesis or someone just plain made a mistake, a science experiment is under constant refinement and scrutiny. This is why the scientist's most powerful tool is the power of observation. Anyone can follow the protocol for an experiment, but the real science comes into play during the data analysis.

During this module, you will have the opportunity to put your observation skills to the test. This way in addition to increasing your content knowledge of biology, you will gain perspective into the profession of science. Remember science is not necessarily all about whether or not an experiment yielded the expected results; it is about how you interpret those results and what you can conclude from them. To begin the module in chronological order, click the begin module link at the bottom of the page. If at any time you need to review sections out of order, just use the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Enjoy!