Activity Guide

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The primary learning objective of this activity is for students to understand the following principles:

Student Activity

The Student Activity takes learners through a simulation in which they use Agrobacterium to create a possible solution to global food shortages. The lesson is designed to be interactive in two ways: student will answer questions about the material as they go and will click through to perform their own experiment. The questions are mainly higher-order thinking questions which ask students to propose solutions to problems, draw connections, or perform data analysis. They will pop up on screen and are listed in order on the worksheet found here: Activity Worksheet.

A Day in the Life

This section of the website is designed to allow students to see what the research process looks like. It also supplements the Student Activity by providing additional details about the gene isolation process. In the activity, students are given the gene to insert into the Agrobacterium, whereas in A Day in the Life, I walk through the process of isolating a gene from plant tissue.The Student Activity is a self-contained lesson. This supplemental section can be assigned in conjunction with the activity or simply be a resource for students who want more information and are curious about the research process. The material is a bit more technical than the Student Activity because it goes through the specific processes.