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About the Lab

The fluids lab is located in Chapman Hall on UNC campus. At this lab, I worked with a graduate mentor named Claudia Falcon on the behavior of marine snow and oil jets in the water column.

Marine snow is typically more dense than water and salt water, however at a layer between two different densities (fresh and salt water) the marine snow tends to stop at the level between each layer. Because of that, we are using mathematical models to figure out how long it is staying between these layers to evaluate why it is changing.

Similarily in the Oil Group Project, we model in a tank what might happen in the ocean with oil jets, and observe that the oil gets stuck at a similar layer difference. We use a model to observe again how long the oil and soap dispersant stay at this layer difference, and if there are any density changes along the way. The goal is to find a way to prevent oil from being stuck in the middle of the ocean, since this happened in the BP Oil spill not long ago. By using mathematical modeling we can find a better solution to such problems and also a means to better understand such phenomena.

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