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This is a site designed for calculus students learning about an important application of derivatives – motion! One-dimensional kinematics is all about movement along any straight line. Taking the concept of slope in conjunction with graphical and functional representations of this type of motion, we’ll dive headfirst into the concepts of position, velocity, and acceleration. As you move through the content, you’ll be able to learn about math research, watch demonstrations, play games, and even perform your own experiment!


This module was designed to be self-contained, in that any student with a beginner’s background in calculus should be able to learn about 1-D kinematics after going through content. Whether you’re an independent learner or a student brought here by your teacher, you’ll benefit from what the site has to offer. Note that this site is best viewed in Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

Students: So, what are you waiting for? Click "Begin" to see what research in math is all about!

Teachers: Click here for an overview of the module, a teacher key, and complete offline lesson-plans.