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Overview: Now that you’ve gone through your own experiment and tied the concepts together, it’s time for derivative matching! I’m sure you remember simple matching games – you know, the ones where you memorize where the picture is and find its partner? Well, now you have to match a function – position, velocity, speed, or acceleration – with the only possible tile it could relate to. Don't be afraid, what are you waiting for? Let the clicking begin and discover the picture below!

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Key: If you've finished the game, or seem to be having trouble, you can download a PDF version of the answer key here.

That's All Folks: Now you've officially completed the module, so good job! You've learned a significant amount of content, and you're prepared to move on to more applications of derivatives. Because you've completed this module, you're also prepared for two-dimensional kinematics in a physics course, where concepts are a little more involved. If you'd like more information or resources, click "Next" for a compilation of helpful links.

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