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While this content is self-contained, there are certainly a ton of other web resources for kinematics, as well as calculus in general. Here Iíve compiled some of the best resources Iíve come across for both students and teachers.

The Physics Classroom: Here youíll find a tutorial focused on the physics of one-dimensional kinematics. Though it doesnít specifically address the calculus behind the scenes, itís a great spot if youíre trying to understand the basic concepts.

Paulís Online Math Notes for Calculus 1: Though Paul doesnít directly address kinematics, his site includes self-contained courses for every calculus course up to differential equations. This is a great self-study resource for both teachers and students. He includes numerous examples for each concept, and thereís nothing to download or pay for!

Quick Review and Examples Page: This is a truncated review of the most basic concepts covered in the module, and includes a few practice problems along with their solutions.

College Board Worksheets: This is a great download for teachers. In this 32 page PDF file, you'll find worksheets, keys, and pedagogical advice covering every aspect of kinematics seen on the exam.