For Teachers

Here are your guides to helping students make the most out of this website. On the insturctions page you will find information about how to go through the website and what your kids should be doing during the class period. Under worksheets, you will find the handout that goes along with this lab. Enjoy!

Do it in your classroom!

If you would like to do this experiment in your own classroom it is very simple to do. Follow the link below and you can order the tools you need! This online website is a great accessory to this lesson plan and this website The Dolan DNA Learning Center ( has many great resources for your use. Here is the link to the Silencing Genome interactive website that includes information on how to order your own strains for your classroom.

Silencing Genomes

For more interactive websites like this one, follow the link below to the HHMI-FT Learning Modules website.

Learning Modules