Arts, Humanities, and History:

Name: Major: Title: Faculty Advisor:
Caleb Agnew English The Differentiation of Loves in W.H. Auden's Early Poetry George Lensing
Joseph Amodei Art Acting Versus Non-acting: A Study in Performance Art with Intentions of Furthering More Successful Artistic Communication Hong-An Truong
Frank Chapman Journalism and Mass Communication Big Ups: A Dubstep Documentary Mark Katz
Hannah Clager Art A Cultural Crossroad: Senegal's Dak'Art Biennale 2012 Carol Magee
Michael Deigan Philosphy Conventional Implicature and Paralanguage: Hyperlinks and Prosodic Affect Marking Dorit Bar-On
Amber Giffin American Studies Songs that Sustain a Nation: Cherokee Music in Contemporary Society Daniel Cobb
Ivy Hauser Linguistics Can Consonants Predict Vowels? A Typological Study of the World's Languages Elliot Moreton
Alexander Howerton English The Rise of Faulkner’s Snopes Family: A Historical Perspective Fred Hobson
Evangeline Mee Dramatic Art Cooking with the Peace Corps: A Celebration of Global Foodways and Fifty Years of American Service Marcie Ferris
Emily Palmer Journalism and Mass Communication Two Hundred Years of Pemberley Inger Brodey
Marquis Peacock Religious Studies Imagining God: American Colonialism, Power, and Oppression in the African-American Community Laurie Maffly-Kipp
Layla Quran International & Area Studies A Masterpiece of Resistance: The Impact and Role of the Arts in Palestine Sarah Shields
Brandon Rafalson American Studies Comedic Exposure: A Comparison of the Primary Schools of Modern Improvisational Thought in Chicago Marianne Gingher
Ezekiel Saber Comparative Literature Stranger in a Strange Land: Welcome to Eden? Inger Brodey
Clark Sanford Comparative Literature The Language of Desire in Lorca's "Sonnets of Dark Love" Shayne Legassie
Hudson Vincent Comparative Literature The Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies | Spinoza in France Lawrence Grossberg
Ariel Wyman International & Area Studies Art of the Revolution: Exploring the Creative Politicization of Cairo Beth Grabowski