Prior to beginning your work, we need the items listed below that constitute your SURF acceptance packet. Please follow the links below, complete the forms, obtain all necessary signatures, assemble your complete acceptance packet (this will include 2-5 forms depending on your project), and bring it to 221 Graham Memorial by April 16, 2013. We will then notify UNC Accounting to process and mail your first check to the address that you provide on the Personal Data sheet. This process usually takes about 10 business days, so you should receive your first check between May 1 and May 31.


  1. SURF Award Acceptance and Personal Data sheet (all projects) 
  2. Waiver of liability form (all projects)
  3. IRB Approval (for projects involving Human Subjects)
    please provide a copy of the notification you receive from the IRB
  4. International travel liability waiver (for projects involving travel abroad). Please include a copy of your complete travel itinerary.
  5. OUR Travel Contact Form (for projects involving travel abroad)

Optional Items:

  1. Travel and Study Abroad Insurance
    Risk management Services provides a Travel and Study Abroad Insurance Program available to students, faculty and their families while traveling abroad. In the event of injury or sickness, this program facilitates and pays for their medical treatment while in the foreign country. Another program benefit includes medical evacuation services if there are not adequate medical facilities within close proximity. To obtain coverage, please contact Janet Hoernke, Risk Management Specialist, at This policy costs about $1/day. OUR highly recommends that students traveling internationally take advantage of this coverage.
  2. Student Internship Liability Insurance
    Risk Management Services provides a Student Internship Liability Insurance Program to campus departments in order to protect their interning students. Our student interns are put into professional settings and given professional responsibilities. However, in many situations, they may not have professional liability insurance protection. A student intern also can be subject to a malpractice claim. For more information, please contact Steve Kenny, Director of Risk Management Services ( or 919-962-7360).
  3. Tax considerations
    Your award is a fellowship, it is NOT a payment for services. You will not receive a W-2, but you may receive a 1099-MISC from UNC-Chapel Hill reporting your fellowship. For more information, please consult IRS Publication 970.