Natural Sciences:

Name: Major: Title: Faculty Advisor:
Alejandro Antonia Biology An Analysis of the Evolution and Spread of Drug Resistant P. falciparum in the Congo Steven Meshnick
Ian Cassidy Biology A Forward Genetic Analysis of Lipid Storage in Zebrafish John Rawls
Erin Chew Psychology Neuromodulation of Network Dynamics in Visual Cortex Flavio Frohlich
Michael Conlin Biology Amino Acid Deprivation in Neurons Mohanish Deshmukh
Nicole Davis Exercise & Sport Science Mapping dual-belt Treadmill Speeds to Gait Behavior Michael Lewek
Roger Fan Mathematics A Mathematical Model for the Electrophysiology of Jellyfish Laura Miller
Laura Ganser Chemistry Transmembrane Protein Responses to Glucose Starvation in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Mara Duncan
Sheila Gaynor Biostatistics The Association between Oral Contraceptive Use and Painful Conditions Eric Bair
Matthew Givens Environmental Health Developing a Heteroduplex Tracking Assay to Identify Relapsing Plasmodium Vivax Parasites Jonathan Juliano
Chuner Guo Biology Efficient Expression of Fully-modified KRas4B in P. pastoris for Use in Cancer Drug Development Sharon Campbell
Serena Hackerott Biology Biotic Resistance of the Caribbean Lionfish Invasion John Bruno
Matthew Hodges Biology The Role of PKA in Memory Reconsolidation Rita Fuchs-Lokensgard
William Hope Biology ANGPTL7, a Gene Highly Induced by Elevated IOP, Affects Adhesion of Trabecular Meshwork Cells to their Extracellular Matrix Terete Borras
Laura Hunter Applied Sciences Live Imaging of the Interplay Between Vascular Sprouting and Tumor Spheroids Victoria Bautch
Laura Kim Biology The Vasoactivity of Norepinephrine in the Ventral Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis R. Mark Wightman
Carol Knight Biology Computational Fluid dynamics of Small Insects Laura Miller
James Lancaster Chemistry A Novel Strategy for the Synthesis of Antitumor and HIV Medications Erik Alexanian
Sungmin Lim Biology Mathematical Modeling of G-protein Cycle in Arabidopsis Alan Jones
Hung Nguyen Chemistry Radiopaque Iodine-containing Bone Cement Valerie Ashby
Jordan Preuss Biology Moss Abundance Correlation with Urban Heat Island Effect in Greensboro, North Carolina Forest Fragments Peter White
Connor Puett Applied Sciences Enhancing High Intensity Focsused Ultrasound (HIFU) Ablation with Microbubble and Nanodroplet Mediators Paul Dayton
Adam Robinson Biology Understanding the Role of CXCR7 in Adrenomedullin Signaling During Lymphatic Vascular Development Kathleen Caron
Elizabeth Sebastian Environmental Health Effects of Pharmaceuticals on Anammox Activity Michael Aitken
Kristen Sheerer Applied Sciences Surface Modification of PMMA Microrafts for Antibody-Mediated Cell Capture Nancy Allbritton
Chloe Snider Biology Cohesin and Cin8 Motors Coordinate Attachment Sites in Budding Yeast Kerry Bloom
Kyle Stevens Chemistry Optimization of Peptide Analysis Using High-Field Asymmetric Waveform ion Mobility Spectrometry (FAIMS) Gary Glish
Jackson Trotman Chemistry Characterizing the Interaction of SLBP and CBP80 During Translation of Histone mRNAs Bill Marzluff
Shunzhi Wang Chemistry Manganese-bisphosphonate Nano-scale Metal-organic Framework for Biomedical Imaging and Drug Delivery Wenbin Lin
Zhe Wang Computer Science Recovering Reference Genome and Transcripts Based on RNA Fragment Reads Wei Wang
Brooke Wolford Biology Evolutionary Development of "Racing Stripes" in Zaprionus indianus Corbin Jones
Jason Yan Biostatistics Topoisomerase Inhibitors: A Novel Approach to Unsilencing Dormant Alleles Ben Philpot
Everett Young Biology The Effects of F-box Proteins on the Yeast Pheromone Pathway Henrik Dohlman
Nicole Zalles Biology Predicting Metastisis from Fibrinogen Overexpression in HER2+ Breast Cancer Cells Charles Perou
Ying-Ao Zhang Chemistry Nanoparticle Targeting of PI3-K Inhibitors in Androgen-independent Human Prostate Cancer Cell Lines Andrew Wang
Jiejing Zhang Biostatistics Characterization of Asymmetrically Distributed Transcripts in C. elegans Jason Lieb