Social Sciences:

Name: Major: Title: Faculty Advisor:
Erica Andrews Nutrition Patient Perception of Mid-level Practitioners and Their Role in Diabetes Care and Management Elizabeth Mayer-Davis
Margo Balboni Peace, War & Defense Women's Rights Activisim in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Steven Meshnick
Alexandra Biggers Economics Using Individual Development Accounts to Sustain Transitions from Homelessness Benjamin Meier
Natalie DeMasi Archaeology Identifying Ancient Stone Quarries in Southwest Mississippi Vincas Steponaiis
Bryan Dworak Political Science Volatility in the Traditional and New Media: Political, Social and Economic Implications Frank Baumgartner
Katherine Grady Geography Urban Honey: Apiculture in the Heart of America's Cities Noreen McDonald
Mattis Hennings Political Science Linking Migration and Development Policy in Jordan Sarah Shields
Rachel Johnston Nutrition Eating and Aging: Changes in Dietary Patterns of Older Americans Since the 1970s Barry Popkin
Jessica Kennedy Journalism and Mass Communication Farming and Feeding Watauga: Linking the Agricultural History of Western North Carolina to an Innovative Effort to Fight Hunger Marcie Ferris
Piya Kerdlap Environmental Science An Environmental and Economic Assessment of Solar Water Pasteurizers in Remote Areas of Thailand Richard Kamens
Michelle Kuei Nutrition The Development of Culturally Appropriate Diabetes Prevention in Uganda Elizabeth Mayer-Davis
Michael Lau Public Policy Negotiations and Impacts: Exploring Collective Action in China Pamela Jagger
Calyssa Lawyer Public Policy The School to Prison Pipeline in North Carolina: Punitive School Discipline’s Adverse Affect on African-American Students John Scott
Alexander Loyal Political Science Death Penalty Legislative Trends Isaac Unah
Mallory Melton Archaeology Mapping the Mississippian Style Grid: Sourcing Sandstone Effigy Pipes of the Lower Mississippi Valley Vincas Steponaitis
Kavya Sekar Biology Assessing Gender Based Child Health Disparities in Rural Chhattisgarh, India with PRADAN Amanda Thompson
Alexandra Snedeker Environmental Science Youth Environmental Education Programs and Community Sustainability Judith Blau
Wendy Song International & Area Studies Oral Health Perceptions in Peru Amanda Thompson
Alexandra Van Vliet Political Science Understanding the Miracle: Examining the Transition in South Africa Navin Bapat