OUR sponsors or co-sponsors five fellowship programs which offer funding for students to do mentored research in the summer and/or academic year:

  • SURF: Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships
    SURFs are major awards (at least $3000) to enable undergraduates to engage in research, scholarship or creative performance under the guidance of faculty advisors (and possibly also graduate student mentors) for at least 9 weeks (20 hours/week) during the summer. Applications for the SURFs are considered once a year in the early spring.
  • HHMI-FSC: Undergraduate research for Future Scientists and Clinicians
    HHMI-FSC fellowships are major awards ($5,000/summer) to enable Carolina Covenant Scholars to undertake full-time research over two consecutive summers under the guidance of faculty advisors and graduate student (or postdoctoral fellow) mentors. Applications for the HHMI-FSC fellowships are considered once a year in the early spring, and should be submitted to Ginnie Hench at ghench@med.unc.edu. For more information, please visit the HHMI deadlines page.
  • HHMI-FT: Undergraduate internships for Future Teachers
    HHMI-FT internships are major awards ($5,000/summer) to enable UNC-BEST students to to develop first-hand understanding of the nature of science through summer internships. The HHMI-FT interns will develop online learning modules to explain the processes, value, and excitement of ongoing research to undergraduate students, advanced high-school students and high school science teachers. Applications for the HHMI-FT internships are considered once a year in the early spring, and should be submitted to Ginnie Hench at ghench@med.unc.edu. For more information, please visit the FAQ page and the HHMI deadlines page.
  • SMART: Science and Math Achievement and Resourcefulness Track Program
    The SMART program provides an excellent, paid opportunity for rising sophomores to spend eight weeks during the summer doing 30 hours of research per week with a faculty mentor. SMART is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and is a part of its nationwide Alliance for Minority Participation initiative to increase the number of underrepresented minority students who earn degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.
  • Beckman Scholars Program
    Beckman Scholars receive $16,000 for research in Biology, Chemistry or Physics & Astronomy with an emphasis on interdisciplinary research for two summers ($6,000/summer) and one academic year ($4,000). In addition, each scholar receives funds to travel to scientific meetings and funds for research supplies (up to $3,300). Beckman Scholars and their mentors agree to submit research progress reports as required by the Beckman Foundation. Students cannot apply to become Beckman Scholars but instead are nominated by their faculty research advisors and selected by a faculty committee. OUR does not have a current Beckman grant.
  • UNC-Chapel Hill AGEP
    The Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) encourages historically underrepresented minority students to pursue, research, the Ph.D. and ultimately research active academic careers. Students who apply and are chosen to participate in the undergraduate research component are designated as AGEP Undergraduate Fellows.
    The criteria for AGEP Undergraduate Fellows include interest in obtaining advanced degrees in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering , & Mathematics) or SBE (Social, Behavioral, & Economic) sciences and a desire to engage in an independent research project under the direction of UNC Faculty.


For other sources of summer support, please visit the Carolina Internal Funding Database. Twelve of these opportunities are highlighted in the Undergraduate Research at Carolina brochure prepared by 2007-2008 Student Government.