Group MeetingThe Office for Undergraduate Research is constantly looking for ways to improve the services it offers to students. As more students choose to pursue research endeavors, undergraduates will play an ever-increasing role in determining the direction and expanse of the Office’s activities.

The Student Advisory Board is one way undergraduate students can get involved and share their ideas about the undergraduate research culture at Carolina. It is also an opportunity to transform ideas into sustainable projects. These projects, once completed, benefit the entire undergraduate student body as they pursue their varied research interests.

Students at tableAdditionally, the Office for Undergraduate Research holds a symposium each April to celebrate and showcase the work of undergraduates. In the past, the symposium has been co-sponsored by research-oriented campus organizations and the Office welcomes interested organizations to join in putting together this celebratory event. Individual students who wish to get a behind-the-scenes glance into the types and array of projects undergraduates have pursued in the past year should also consider volunteering to serve as hosts and support staff for this event. 

To learn more about ways you might help the OUR, please contact