Over the past few years, there’s been a noticeable change in student expectations of doing research. Many students now come from high school planning to get involved in undergraduate research. To facilitate undergraduate engagement with the Carolina research community, 175 incoming students are invited to join the Carolina Research Scholar Program (CRSP) each year. Under the umbrella of the Office for Undergraduate Research (OUR), CRSP aims to build an undergraduate community based on research, scholarship and inquiry-driven learning. To this end, participants in CRSP who successfully meet the Program’s requirements will be recognized for their contributions to UNC’s intellectual and cultural climate with a designation on their transcript appropriately termed “Carolina Research Scholar.”

Frequently Asked Questions

I accepted my invitation to join CRSP. What should I do now?

Please visit the CRSP page, which provides detailed information about CRSP requirements. Then please register for the program. Registering for the program is important as it adds you to the CRSP listserv which we use to communicate important information about deadlines and opportunities for CRSP participants. You’ll need your onyen and PID to complete this form.

Complete the “Research Path Questions” form:
Please also complete the form entitled “Research Path Questions.” You’ll need your onyen to access this form. The form asks you to reflect on possible research interests and activities. Consider this an exploratory opportunity—we know you’re just getting started and the ideas you share on the form do not commit you to any particular topic or action. This just gives us a sense of what you’re thinking about now. We’ll use this information to match you with an OUR Ambassador in your broad field of interest. (And, as an added bonus, if you complete the form, we’ll send you an OUR laptop sticker!)

The OUR Ambassadors are undergraduate researchers from many different academic disciplines. They’ve served as hosts for our Celebration of Undergraduate Research, organized information sessions, and worked with individual students to provide advice about undergraduate research. The Ambassadors are eager to get to know you as you embark on your college career and to provide information and perspectives about undergraduate research. Once we’ve matched you up with an Ambassador, you’ll be able to talk with her/him via email over the summer and you’ll meet the Ambassadors in person at a special fall meet and greet for invited CRSP participants.

Enroll in IDST 195: Modes of Inquiry:
We encourage you to consider enrolling in IDST 195: Modes of Inquiry. In this 1-credit course, offered on a pass/fail basis, you’ll hear renowned Carolina faculty describe their path to research and discuss what they find compelling about their topics and processes. This is a very interactive course which provides an opportunity for you to engage in dialogue and conversation with faculty who are passionate about their research journey. This course also fulfills one of the requirements of CRSP.

Connect to OUR Social Media:
You can stay informed about undergraduate research activities at OUR in several ways. You can sign up for the OURinfo listserv (through which you’ll receive the OUR e-newsletter) and read the OUR Blog to learn about different undergraduate research projects, read advice from faculty and get a sense of the range of experiences that are available to you. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

I wasn't invited. Can I still participate?

Any undergraduate may participate in the general Carolina Research Scholar Program.

What are the advantages of being an invited CRSP participant?

The main advantages are that OUR will host a few events specifically for invited participants during their first year. These events are designed to help students start on their research paths. At these events, we will help first-years connect with current students conducting research, narrow their own research interests, and understand the requirements to fulfill CRSP.

Will I be placed in a research opportunity?

We are here to give you the strategies needed to enter into research, but we do not place you into a research opportunity. You will need to do some work to decide on an area of research, to prepare yourself for that research, and to find a faculty mentor.







The 2010-2011 Carolina Research Scholars represent all disciplines.