Two students at CURMany of the photos on this website are taken from student summaries of their Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURFs). These summaries are available in PDF format, and include who was involved in the work (the student, the graduate mentor if relevant, and the faculty advisor), the objectives, and the results. Over 300 summaries from the last 5 years are in the database. To view summaries of all projects conducted in particular parts of the world, please use the world map. Links to summaries of the 2010 projects are grouped by discipline in the following section.

In addition, the OUR maintains a database of all Abstracts of presentations at the Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research. These Abstracts also include information about graduate mentors and faculty advisors, and the extensive database (over 700 abstracts) can be searched by the student's major department.

Both the SURFs summaries and the Symposium abstracts are great sources of ideas for future projects and potential faculty advisors, as well as being a fascinating record of the depth and breadth of undergraduate research at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Projects in the Arts, Humanities, and History

  • London Dubstep: History and Critical Analysis
  • Ritual Rivals: Reconceptualizing the Rise of the Synagogue in Ancient Palestine
  • MORE…

Projects in the Social Sciences

  • The Implementation of the North Carolina Clean Smokestacks Act
  • Best Practices in HIV-related Programmatic Initiatives in Rural Uganda
  • MORE…

Projects in the Natural Sciences

  • Reward Processing in Individuals with Autism
  • Analysis of Differentially Expressed Blood Protein Isoforms as Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease
  • MORE…


Support for Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURFs)

The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program was initiated in 2001 with support from the Frances C. and William P. Smallwood foundation.  We are grateful for their support from 2001-2007, and also grateful to the many contributors who make this program possible.


Undergraduate Research Around the World

Please select a region to read about research performed by SURF recipients who worked in that region.

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