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General Links
Learn North Carolina is a web resource for teachers that includes a link to the Standard Course of Study, a lesson plan database, a multi-media resource library, discussion forums for teachers, an educational links library, and much more.  It is provided free of charge to all public educators who have been trained in North Carolina.  Please note that certain sections of the site are password protected, but are accessible following training.

History Matters
A project of the American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning of the City University of New York and the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University with funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, this site offers teaching materials for social studies educators, including primary sources, assignments, annotated syllabi, and more.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
This site, put together in response to President Clinton's April 1997 call for federal agencies to make resources available for internet-based teaching and learning, includes resources on teaching history as well as other subjects.  In addition, there are comments from teachers about how they have used these resources in their own classrooms, as well as opportunities for teachers to develop partnerships with federal agencies to develop additional web-based resources.  Among the Social Studies resources are on-line documents from the National Archives and Records Administration, the Library of Congress, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Park Service, the Peace Corps and more.  The social studies resource list is available at:

ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education
This page, housed at the Indiana University, provides resources for the teaching and learning of social studies.  The site includes a searchable database of materials and a tremendous collection of web links on various social studies topics (General Social Studies, Current Events, Civic Education and Government, History, Geography, Economics, Art and Music).

The Learning Page
From the American Memory program at the Library of Congress, this page provides resources for educators, lesson plans,  and suggestions for using the considerable resources on the American Memory homepage.

The Internet Modern History Sourcebook
This page from Fordham University includes links to a vast array of on-line resources for social studies teachers.  Divided by subject area, the sourcebook includes links to an incredible diversity of primary sources on a vast array of subjects.  You can also connect to other history sourcebooks through this page.

From Gutenberg to Gigabytes: A User-Friendly Guide to Internet Pedagogy for Surveys in U.S. and World History
Gutenberg to Gigabytes
This page, developed from our November 13, 1999 PHE session, includes links to several Internet resources for Social Studies teachers, including website designed by the session panelists.

World History Links
African History and Geography
The Age of Discovery
Medieval Women's History
Russian and Soviet History
Women in Africa
The World Since 1945
Comparative World Revolutions


United States History Links
The Age of Discovery
 America in the 1930s
The American Presidency
The Civil Rights Movement
The Great Depression
Native Americans in the Southeast
North Carolina Since the Civil War
Oral History
U.S. Society and Culture in the 1890s
Women in the Progressive Era
Workers in American History
The Media and American Politics

Do you know of other good links for social studies teachers?  If so, e-mail PHE and tell us about them.

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