Links to Websites on Oral History

Oral History Programs and Projects
The Southern Oral History Program
This website includes information about the latest SOHP projects, as well as pages of guidelines and tips for interviewing, a bibliography of useful sources for more information, a links page, and much more.

The New Mexico State University Public History Homepage
This site includes an overview of the programs in the NMSU public history program, and also includes an on-line community oral history manual, Preserving Community/Cuentos del Varrio (  This very helpful manual includes information on planning an oral history project, transcribing interviews, preserving oral history resources, and so on.  It also includes lists of questions and a useful bibliography of oral history readings.
Center for Understanding Technology through Oral Sources
This site, based at Bournemouth University, includes many links to technology-related oral history projects.  The Center's aim is to provide new views on technology through oral sources and hopes to "get people talking about technology."  There are links to interviews with scientists, the Family Farm project, and more.  A section of the site is devoted to the Center's school-based projects in England.

Oral History On-Line:  Recalling the Past to Inform the Present to Guide the Future
From the University of California at Berkeley, this site includes information about on-going and completed oral history projects.  Visitors can read  the transcripts of interviews, as well as additional background information.

The African American Health Care Project
Based at the University of Michigan, this site focuses on a project funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.  On the site, you can learn about the project, read interview excerpts, and see some photographs of interviewees.  It also includes anumber of links about health care -- a useful site for medical history as well as oral history.

African American Communities:  An Oral History Approach
This project, completed by Duke Undergraduates, explores life in Durham, NC's African American community.  Included are photographs, transcripts, and audio excerpts from interviews, as well as links to the Duke Center for Documentary Studies.

Many Voices, One Story -- an exhibit from the Billy Graham Center Archives
This exhibit provides Real Audio excerpts from interviews, as well as transcripts.  The interviews focus on missionary work and the Billy Graham Crusade.  Many of the interviewees discuss international missionary work in the excerpts.

Student Oral History Projects
Below are links to several oral history projects conducted by students and teachers.  Often, they provide contact information, lesson plans, and interview transcripts.  A web-based presentation might be an interesting format for your students to share their research with others:

We Made Do:  Recalling the Great Depression
A product of Mooresville High School in Mooresville, IN, this project includes photographs and transcripts.  It also allows website viewers to add their stories of the Great Depression to the collection of narratives while on-line.  It also includes information about the project itself and links to other sites on oral history and the 1930s.

The Stories of the People
Rocky Gap High School students in Rocky Gap, VA have interviewed numerous members of their community and posted transcripts to the web.  The site is based in the Bland County History Archives and it includes links to Rocky Gap High School as well as other oral history sites.

The Montana Heritage Project
This project supports local research projects within Montana.  The site includes links to lesson plans, prize essays by students, valuable information on creating school-based historical archives, information on recording family histories, and more.

Oral History Lesson Plans and Other Resources
Oral History Lesson Plan from the Library of Congress
From the American Memory Series, this lesson plan describes ways of using WPA life histories (found on the web at to teach U.S. History.
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